Too Solid, Ha Suk Jin’s Acting As A Perfectionist Judge In ‘Blind’ Reaps Appreciation


On Friday (20/8), TvN Released Several Photos Of Ha Suk Jin’s Scene For His New Drama Entitled ‘Blind’. Take A Peek At The Producer’s Portraits And Statements In The News Below.

tvN’s upcoming drama ” Blind ” has re-released footage of one of the main characters. This time, the production team shared photos of the scene of Ha Suk Jin who plays the handsome judge named Ryu Sung Hoon.

“Blind” is a mystery thriller drama centered around detectives, judges, law students and jurors in court. The story focuses on Ryu Sung Joon ( 2PM’s Taecyeon ), a violent crime detective who is desperate to catch criminals.

Ryu Sung Joon has an older brother named Ryu Sung Hoon. He is a genius who graduated with the highest marks in his class and became a perfectionist judge. In addition, he is also described as a person who always tries to make fair judgments.

The newly released stills show a serious portrait of Ryu Sung Hoon as he tries to uncover the truth. In one photo, Ryu Sung Hoon is seen searching for any clues to find the real criminal.

Ryu Sung Hoon also showed high concentration while reading every file on his desk. While the other photo shows his portrait when he comes home after work until late at night. He seems so deep in thought that it makes viewers curious about what case he is investigating.

To accompany the release of the photo of the scene, the producer of “Blind” also praised Ha Suk Jin’s acting ability. The producers also said that the 40-year-old actor will show a new side through his character Ryu Sung Hoon.

The producers stated, “Actor Ha Suk Jin’s solid acting combination and solemn court atmosphere were able to portray Ryu Sung Hoon’s perfect character. Through Ryu Sung Hoon, viewers will be able to see a new side of actor Ha Suk Jin that they have never seen before.”

Meanwhile, “Blind” will fill the Friday – Saturday night tvN slot replacing Park Hae Joon ‘s drama ” I Have Not Done My Best Yet “. The plan, the drama, which also stars A Pink ‘s Eun Ji , will start airing on September 16.


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