This Popular Couple Admits Shock With NCT’s Doyoung’s Genuine Attitude, What’s It Like?


The Husband And Wife Couple Who Were Guest Stars On The ‘Master In The House’ Program Revealed NCT’s Doyoung’s Original Attitude When They Met And Admitted That They Didn’t Expect It At All.

Some time ago, NCT ‘s Doyoung was indeed successful in shocking because he became a temporary member on the SBS variety show “Master in The House”. The fans of course immediately made the episode with Doyoung the most favorite.

One of the “masters”, Yeo Esther on this variety show then shared a vlog discussing her appearance on “Master in The House”. Yeo Esther revealed how Doyoung’s successful attitude made him unexpected.

Yeo Esther and her husband, Hong Hye Geol shared that the writer said he would be surprised by Doyoung’s visuals when he came. Yeo Esther admits this even though she doesn’t really know much about idols.

The celebrity revealed that the handsome idol born in 1996 was very kind. Doyoung is said to have a very charming smile and is always cheerful on set.

“Before Doyoung came, the writer said that my eyes would open when he came, but I didn’t when I met idols,” said Yeo Esther. “He looks really good,” said Hong Hye Geol.

“When you see Doyoung, your eyes will open because he is very kind,” admitted Yeo Esther. “Very good indeed,” said the husband.

The husband and wife revealed that Doyoung was very considerate on the set. He is also so cheerful that it makes people look at him refreshingly.

“He is a person with a smile like an angel and has a lot of sensitivity when broadcasting, with a cheerful aura from beginning to end and that’s why your eyes will open,” said Yeo Esther. “He looks very refreshing,” continued Hong Hye Geol.

Meanwhile, Doyoung’s new drama “To X Who Doesn’t Love Me” will air sometime this June. In this fantasy romance drama, Doyoung plays a student named Jung Si Ho.


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