So The Reunion Project, This Is The Chemistry Of Moon Ga Young And Yeo Jin Goo At The Location Of ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’

During A Recent Interview, Moon Ga Young Also Talked About Her Chemistry With Yeo Jin Goo In The Drama ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’. Here’s The Full Narrative.

Recently Moon Ga Young had an interview to discuss the ending of the drama ” Link: Eat Love Kill “. He talked about many interesting things, including his chemistry with Yeo Jin Goo .

“Link: Eat Love Kill” itself is a reunion project for Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo as adult actors. 13 years ago, they both appeared in the drama ” Princess Ja Myung ” when they were still child actors.

Because they have a long history together, Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Goo can work very well together. They can even understand each other even though they don’t talk much.

Moon Ga Young said, “We get along well so we don’t have to talk much. Of course, it’s the same as other works, but mainly because of the phenomenon of ‘Link’ sharing emotions, it’s a work that emphasizes our teamwork together.”

“It felt so comfortable and nice. I even got to the point of wondering, ‘Can we get along better than this?’ added the 1996-born actress.

“Besides, it feels good to have good chemistry with Kim Ji Young and Ye Soo Jung so we don’t have to practice much. There are so many great seniors, so watching them act during filming made me learn a lot.”

Finally, Moon Ga Young expressed her gratitude to the loyal viewers of this drama. He said, “Thank you for watching ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ to the end and showing great affection.”

“I hope our drama can cheer you up and encourage you even a little bit and I will return with a good job. Thank you for loving ‘Link: Eat Love Kill’ and my character Da Hyun,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Link: Eat Love Kill” failed to record high ratings during its broadcast on the small screen. The highest rating was even only 3.1 percent recorded in the first episode.

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