So Ji Sub’s Acting Reaps Exorbitant Praise Despite Playing Difficult Characters In ‘Doctor Lawyer’


MBC Has Released A New Poster For So Ji Sub’s Character In The Drama ‘Doctor Lawyer’. Along With That, The Producers Of ‘Doctor Lawyer’ Also Praised The Actor’s Acting Skills Like This.

MBC is actively promoting ahead of the premiere of ” Doctor Lawyer “. One of them is by releasing a new poster of So Ji Sub who plays Han Yi Han.

“Doctor Lawyer” tells the story of a genius surgeon who becomes a medical malpractice lawyer after losing everything due to a fake surgery. On the other hand, there is a prosecutor from the Department of Medical Crimes who lost his only family and lover in the operation.

So Ji Sub will play Han Yi Han, a medical malpractice lawyer who used to be a genius doctor specializing in general surgery and thoracic surgery. After experiencing an incident that cost him his license as a doctor, Han Yi Han decides to find out the truth behind the mysterious surgery that led to his career change.

The newly released poster captures the two different sides of Han Yi Han. The top of the poster shows Han Yi Han’s determined and empathetic personality which is clearly reflected in the concerned look in his eyes.

While the bottom of the poster shows Dr. Han Yi Han who still looked calm and professional as he rushed to save someone’s life. The poster’s caption read, “The courtroom and the operating room are the same. There, the rest of our lives can either end or begin again.”

Along with the release of the poster, the producers of “Doctor Lawyer” also praised So Ji Sub’s acting ability. The producer said, “From an actor’s point of view, there is a lot of preparation and effort required to play a professional character like a doctor or a lawyer.”

The producer continued, “In addition, the protagonist of ‘Doctor Lawyer’, Han Yi Han, is a doctor and a lawyer. He is definitely not an easy character to play.”

“Through his meticulous and passionate efforts, So Ji Sub will bring to life doctor-lawyer Han Yi Han, who sharpens his sword for revenge. We think this special poster captures So Ji Sub’s presence well,” said the producer.

“You will be able to see So Ji Sub’s stronger, passionate and impressive acting in this drama. We ask that viewers show a lot of interest and anticipation,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, “Doctor Lawyer” is prepared to replace the broadcast slot ” Tomorrow ” on Friday – Saturday night MBC. The plan, the drama, which also stars Shin Sung Rok and Lim Soo Hyang , will start airing on June 3.


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