SNSD Will Have A Reality Show Welcoming Comeback And 15th Birthday, Filming Evidence Scattered?


According To Local Media, SNSD Is Reportedly Preparing A Reality Show For Their Comeback And 15th Anniversary Which Will Be Broadcast On JTBC In July.

Good news for SNSD ( Girls’ Generation ) fans. Not only group comebacks, the SONEs (as SNSD fans) will reportedly be spoiled for reality show content that the members will participate in.

On June 9, news portal News1 exclusively revealed that SNSD will be airing the group’s first reality show ahead of their 15th anniversary comeback. As is known, their comeback is planned to fall in August 2022. According to the news, the program will be broadcast in early July through the JTBC television channel.

Reportedly, this SNSD reality show will later describe the friendship of the members who have eaten a lot of sour and salt in the entertainment world. Thus raising SONE’s hopes of seeing their beloved members appear in one more event together.

On social media scattered “evidence” the seven previous SNSD members were seen filming at various locations throughout South Korea. An OP mentioned seeing the seven members filming at Hanaro Market, Donghae City.

Meanwhile , Seohyun has been monitored for no updates, most likely can’t come because there is a shooting schedule. The maknae is currently busy with the upcoming KBS2 drama ” Jinxed at First ” in the lead role.

Not only from member activities, the uploads of the stylists are also strongly suspected as evidence that SNSD is shooting a reality show. Fans discovered that hair stylists Tiffany , Hyoyeon , and Tae Yeon uploaded their photos in Samcheok, Gangwon. So does Sunny ‘s fashion stylist .

Prior to this, the eight SNS members had their first appearance on Yoo Jae Seok ‘s program , ” You Quiz on the Block “. At that time, fans’ enthusiasm increased because they had tried hard to match the schedule so that they could appear together on television as a group.

Meanwhile, SNSD’s comeback plan is the first time since five years have passed. Sooyoung cs last released a full member album with “Holiday Night” in August 2017. Since then, the members have had careers in different agencies but have not declared disbandment.

Not limited to music, a number of SNSD members such as Seohyun, Sooyoung to Kwon Yuri are also active in acting. Meanwhile , YoonA will appear in the drama ” Big Mouse ” with Lee Jong Suk in the near future.


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