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Shuhua (G)I-DLE Joins In Talking About Sexual Violence In China

Shuhua (G)I-DLE Joins In Talking About Sexual Violence In China

Previously A Group Of Men In Tangshan Were Caught On Camera Brutally Beating A Woman After She Refused Unwanted Attention From One Of Them.

Recently a shocking news came from China where according to SupChina media a group of men in Tangshan were caught on camera brutally beating a woman after she refused unwanted attention from one of them. The attack has sparked angry demands to tackle hatred against women in China.

While the girl was being beaten, none of the men in the shop came to their aid just watching the violence unfold. Only a few women came forward to help stop him, but they were also attacked. The case has trended on Chinese social media platform Weibo, with many voices angry and disappointed over what happened.

This then made Shuhua comment on the incident through his Weibo account and post his personal thoughts. “Dear girls, I’m so sorry I couldn’t help relieve your pain, your fear and your grief. But now you just need to heal yourself slowly. Rest and believe in me everyone will help you get justice,” wrote the (G)I-DLE member .

“There is no need to feel sorry for the perpetrators. I hope you can see a little warmth in this tragedy,” he added. “Further, I’m confused. This is a truth that even educated and educated animals understand. Why don’t people with these brains understand? As human beings, please act like human beings. Don’t underestimate human beings,” he added.

In addition, Shuhua also took the time to respond to fans’ comments on the incident. Explains that he wants to live his life honestly and stand up for injustice. Meanwhile Shuhua made his debut as a member of (G)I-DLE with their mini album I am and the title song “LATATA” after being a trainee at Cube Entertainment since 2016.

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