Seo Ye Ji Successfully Revenge At The End Of ‘Eve’ Story, Comeback Drama After Success Controversy?

At The End Of ‘Eve’, Seo Ye Ji’s Revenge Against The People She Was After Was Met With Success. The Following Is A Review Of The Actress’s Comeback Drama After Being Involved In A Personal Life Controversy.

The Wed-Thurs night drama, ” Eve ” starring Seo Ye Ji has ended on July 21. Apart from obtaining a rating below 5 percent, is it true that the actress’s comeback is considered sad?

Since being involved in a personal life controversy, Seo Ye Ji has finally returned to the small screen. Although the controversy has ended, it turns out that the local media considered the return of Seo Ye Ji in the drama “Eve” which was full of sensations to be unsatisfactory.

Telling the story behind the 20 trillion won divorce lawsuit, “Eve” presents a dramatic and sensational story. The storyline of this drama centers on Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji) who plots revenge for 13 years after seeing his father tragically killed.

At the end of the story of “Eve”, Lee Ra El’s revenge is realized. But unfortunately Lee Ra El had to lose Kang Yoon Gyeom ( Park Byung Eun ) who was originally the target of his revenge. But apparently Lee Ra El imagined happiness with Kang Yoon Gyeom in his dream.

The final episode of “Eve” saw the destruction of the family that Lee Ra El had hoped for. Kang Yoon Gyeom dies and Han So Ra ( Yoo Sun ) loses her sanity after a series of events take place.

“Eve” is considered to have lost its charm since showing a hot bed scene at the beginning of the episode. After that, this drama is said to have many scenes that invite frowns. Conflict, infidelity, torture with makjang settings make it difficult for viewers to empathize with Lee Ra El’s character.

Getting an “Eve” rating was also in the spotlight. Starting with a range of 3 percent, the rating drops to 2 percent in episode 4. The drama then ends at 4.5 percent.

One of the shortcomings of “Eve” that the local media pointed to is that it focuses on the character Seo Ye Ji. After a hiatus, Seo Ye Ji’s decision to choose a passionate revenge drama is unfortunate.

Seo Ye Ji himself is recognized by many people for his ability to convey dialogue well and extraordinary emotional control. Although his acting skills have succeeded in making viewers amazed, apparently he has not been able to boost the drama “Eve” to reach its success.

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