Ryujin ITZY Shows Her Natural Face In A New Post, Her Beauty Makes It Shocking


Ryujin Never Fails To Amaze Netizens With Her Dazzling Visuals, Extraordinary Talent, And Charming Personality That Makes Her A True Girl Crush.

ITZY ‘s Shin Ryujin showed off her no-makeup visual in the latest upload. Her innocent and beautiful face successfully made netizens amazed.

No matter what she does, Ryujin never fails to amaze netizens with her dazzling visuals, extraordinary talent, and charming personality that makes her a true Girl Crush.

It looks like Ryujin is doing it again with a few selfies with little or no makeup on, but it delivers some great visuals.

Back on May 21, 2022, Ryujin posted a selfie on Bubble and netizens couldn’t stop talking about the visual of the idol from JYP Entertainment in a close-up selfie.

A few days later, Instagram and social media were buzzing again when Ryujin posted more pictures from that day on Instagram with a series of cute emojis as the caption.

In the photo, Ryujin is in the same setting as the previous selfie. She treats fans with more angles of her natural beauty.

Within five hours, the pictures were liked more than 1.5 million times and the comments weren’t enough for Ryujin’s absolutely stunning visuals without makeup.

This isn’t the first time Ryujin has blown the internet with her nude selfies. While most idols are reluctant to be seen without makeup, Ryujin is never afraid to show off her visuals when she’s not on stage.

Even when she wears makeup, sometimes Ryujin proves that a little makeup is better because she might just put on foundation or add some color to her lips.

As usual, ITZY continues to shine in netizens’ eyes, not only with their music but the message that everyone is beautiful and you don’t need makeup to feel confident.


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