‘Global Concept Idol’ Secret Number, released a new album on the 24th… comeback after 6 months

[OSEN=Reporter Jang Woo-young] The group SECRET NUMBER returns after 6 months.

Secret Number (Lea, Dita, Jinhee, Minji, Sudam, Joo) will release a new album on the 24th and make a comeback to the music industry.

On the afternoon of the 9th, a new song teaser video was released to announce the comeback news through Secret Number’s official YouTube channel. In the teaser of the recording studio, the lyrics in the hands of the members read the title of the song “Beautiful one” and “I waited a long time. It contains lyrics such as “I’m sorry it took so long” and “my heart is a lock and you’re my key (Lockey)”. The warm lyrics towards the fandom LOCKEY (Locky) draw attention.

Along with this, the comeback was made official with the phrases ‘2023.05.24 PM06:00 (KST)’ and ‘COMING SOON’. Secret Number is making a comeback in six months since the fifth single “TAP” released in November last year.

Secret Number debut single title song ‘Who Dis? (Who Dis?)’, and has proven its ability to digest a wide range of concepts through activities such as ‘Got That Boom’, ‘Fire Saturday’, ‘DOOMCHITA’, and ‘TAP’.

In particular, the title song ‘TAP’ of the previous single album, ‘TAP’, topped the domestic music charts, and released the first single ‘LIKE IT LIKE IT’ in Japan earlier this year, demonstrating its presence at home and abroad. are doing Attention is focusing on what kind of differentiated style and charm Secret Number, which is solidifying its position as a ‘global concept idol’, will show in the new album.

Meanwhile, Secret Number’s new album will be released on the 24th at 6 pm through various online music sites.

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