Often Watch Zombie Movies, This Is How Funny Yeonjun Is For The ‘Role’ Of Each TXT Member

I Admit That I Often Watch Zombie Movies, This Is How Funny Yeonjun Is When He Is So Enthusiastic About Sharing ‘Roles’ To Every Other TXT Member If A Zombie Apocalypse Occurs.

TXT recently answered various questions from serious to hilarious on the People YouTube channel. Excitement also occurred among the members, one of which was when discussing the zombie apocalypse or a fictional genre that tells about the collapse of civilization due to a zombie outbreak.

At first Huening Kai read a question about the possibility of members who could survive the zombie apocalypse. Each of them then pointed at each other. Apparently Yeonjun got the most votes, while he chose Soobin as the person who would be the safest.

Huening Kai pointed at Yeonjun and then explained the reason. “Yeonjun also watches a lot of zombie movies,” said Huening Kai.

Yeonjun also confirmed this. “I’ve seen a lot of Zombie movies, so I know. That’s why (survivors) Soobin,” he said.

The funny thing is, Yeonjun, who admits that he often watches zombie movies, is suddenly very enthusiastic. He admitted that he already had a picture of the role of each member in the zombie apocalypse. Suddenly the confession made the others burst out laughing.

On the other hand, Yeonjun excitedly shared each of the TXT members’ “roles”. For example, Beomgyu who he calls a great fighter, to Taehyun as the brain of the rescue operation.

“We all have a role,” Yeonjun said, provoking loud laughter. “(Soobin) He looks like the weakest. Then (Huening Kai) the main villain. (Beomgyu) a great fighter. (Taehyun) brain,” he explained.

Yeonjun’s hilarious actions didn’t stop there. The reason is that he then revealed the “scenario” of each of the roles he mentioned earlier.

Yeonjun said that Beomgyu as a fighter would be attacked first, which made him and Taehyun feel depressed and eventually led the rescue operation from the zombie outbreak. He will then strike back at the zombies, while Huening Kai is said to have died in an attempt to escape.

“Then with his brain, he (Taehyun) sacrificed himself. So we all died except Soobin,” Yeonjun joked.

Hearing this imagination, Soobin teased Yeonjun back. “That was a full Netflix series,” Soobin joked.

Not only members, netizens who witnessed the interview were made to laugh with Yeonjun’s hilarious behavior and imagination. Netter admitted that he couldn’t hold back his laughter when he listened to Yeonjun’s fairy tale about his version of the zombie apocalypse.

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