NCT Dream Surprised By Genderuwo ‘KKN In The Dancing Village’, This Member Is The Most Hysterical

Like A Group Of School Children Playing In A Haunted House, There Are Members Who Are Brave, Some Are Hysterical In Fear. Take A Peek At The Excitement Of NCT Dream Entering The Following Haunted House Rides.

NCT Dream visited Jakarta some time ago and had a chance to stop by a scary ride with the theme of the film ” KKN in the Dancing Village .” Their experiences are shared through the latest vlogs.

Back in May 2022, NCT Dream was invited to perform at the Allo Bank Festival 2022 music concert. Apart from pampering fans, they also walked around Jakarta.

One of their agendas was to visit the “KKN di Desa Penari” vehicle which was a hit following the success of the film. Like a group of school children who play in a haunted house in general, there are members who are brave, some are hysterical in fear.

Before entering “Dance Village,” the members braced themselves mentally by joking that they would invite the dancers to a dance battle. But they were a little scared when they found out that this film was based on a true story.

The NCT Dream members were told to enter the “Dancer Village” by holding each other’s shoulders. While inside, it is clear which member is really afraid of ghosts.

At first they didn’t look so scared, even after meeting Badarawuhi who danced with a flat but scary expression. They even greet and praise the ghosts who appear cool.

But after genderuwo appeared, almost everyone screamed in shock. Renjun’s hysterical screams stole the most attention. The idol from the start kept holding Jaemin ‘s shoulder out of fear.

Chenle panicked and told the genderuwo to just eat Jeno . Funny thing is, Jeno replied that it didn’t taste good.

The members of NCT Dream seem to really enjoy the experience of entering “Dance Village.” They also admit the ghosts are pretty spooky, especially towards the end.

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