Lee Soo Hyun AKMU Has Bulimia, Admits He Wants To Eat Even Though He’s Not Hungry


AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun Has Made A Confession About His Irregular Eating Pattern And Even Being Full. On This Matter, He Also Revealed His Current Condition.

AKMU’s Lee Soo Hyun ( Akdong Musician ) made a surprising confession through a question and answer session when releasing a video on his YouTube channel. This one singer reveals the reason why he often refuses people who meet him on the street to take pictures.

In Lee Soo Hyun’s explanation on the YouTube channel on Thursday (19/5), he brought the show with joy. “I am a reporter for AKMU Lee Soo Hyun University. So far, I have solved sensitive questions about Lee Soo Hyun through acting. The script was also written by myself. Lee Soo Hyun’s honest story that cannot be seen on TV,” said Lee Soo Hyun opening the show. alone.

In the video, Lee Soo Hyun plays the dual role perfectly. He poses questions as a student reporter and answers questions in the form of a passionate star as himself, Lee Soo Hyun.

Lee Soo Hyun, who played the reporter, asked a sensitive question. “When people see you on the street, in a restaurant or in a cafe, there are rumors that you refuse to take pictures in such places. Is there a problem with your personality?” he asked.

“I don’t know where you heard the rumors from. It might be a hidden camera prank? I’ve been through so much. So maybe that’s why I’m a bit reluctant to take pictures. Or maybe I feel pressured while taking pictures outside. It seems I accidentally refused many people. I apologize for that,” Lee Soo Hyun clarified.

He also mentioned his health condition which involves an eating disorder or what is known as bulimia. When asked if he had bulimia, Lee Soo Hyun revealed that it was due to stress on his mind. “I heard that you have bulimia. Why and how are you now?”

“I feel stressed even when I’m not hungry. I have a habit of eating no matter what. And it’s a bit against my will. After waking up, I keep eating until I’m full. After watching it many times, I realized that this is bulimia, ‘ said Lee Soo Hyun admitting it.

Although he admitted that he had experienced bulimia. At the same time, Lee Soo Hyun reassured fans by adding, “And now I’m fine.”

Meanwhile, eating disorder or bulimia is characterized by a tendency to regurgitate food that has been eaten. Bulimia is a dangerous and potentially life-threatening mental disorder if left untreated.


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