Last Eps ‘Rookie Corps’ Received Satisfactory Rating, Kang Daniel Cs Say Goodbye


From The First Kiss Scene To The Action-Packed Ending, The Chemistry Between The Cast Of ‘Rookie Cops’ Has Become An Attraction For Many Viewers.

Disney Plus debuted its first original Korean drama through “Rookie Cops” on January 26, and ended its solid run on March 16. Although the show’s reach was limited by only airing in 10 Asia-Pacific locations, the drama topped both Disney Plus and OTT ratings worldwide. broadcast for 8 weeks.

“Rookie Cops” is an adult drama about police academy friends starring Kang Daniel , Chae Soo Bin , Lee Shin Young , Park Yoo Na , Park Seong Jun , Dohee , Kim Woo Seok and Cheon Young Min . The drama has relied on word of mouth due to the lack of content promotion since its release. From the first kissing scene to the action-packed ending, the chemistry between the actors is a draw for many viewers. Netizens appreciate the friendship of the freshman squad and call them “8댕즈” or “8 puppies”.

Kim So Yeon, business director of DTC at The Walt Disney Company Korea revealed that the original content released so far has received a good response overseas and specifically mentioned “Rookie Cops” who are “performing well” in Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. “Since the first Korean content has good returns, the investment will increase as well.” Head of The Walt Disney Company Asia content Jessica Kam-Engle confirmed that ‘Rookie Cops’ continues to be popular in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Rookie Cops” was confirmed as Disney Plus Korea’s top 10 trending TV show for 2 months, never falling below that way during its broadcast and maintaining No.1 33 times despite releasing larger productions. The drama peaked in the top 3 trending TV shows in all 5 Disney Plus markets for which FlixPatrol collected data for “Rookie Cops” and data was not collected for non-UK Hotstar Disney Plus series even though the shows were trending highly there.

In addition, the show also performed well on Money Today’s OTT ranking considering 7 Korean platforms. Based on the data for the 3rd week of March, “Rookie Cops” is in 4th place in the 10 most popular OTT content in Korea. On March 22, Disney Plus released the cast’s afterword in which they reflected on memorable moments and thanked viewers for their support.

Through his company, Kim Woo Seok recalled, “This is a work that was filmed with many staff and actors working together on hot summer days. Although it’s a shame that it ended, many moments pass through my memory.” Cheon Young Min said, “We were able to finish filming well by laughing and guiding each other even through difficult times.” Kang Daniel added there was a pure and friendly energy working with colleagues and felt “it’s been a meaningful time for me to mature one step further.” Chae Soo Bin noted that being with everyone was “as if I was experiencing college life. I think these memories will be warmly remembered for a long time.”

Meanwhile, Disney Plus has yet to reveal any plans to make the completed Korean original content more accessible but will continue to acquire and develop more K-dramas. The next cast for “Rookie Cops” includes Chae Soo Bin’s Netflix series “The Fabulous”, Kim Woo Seok’s ongoing drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman” as well as Lee Shin Young’s film debut in “Rebound” and Kang Daniel’s upcoming comeback album after 1 year since EP “YELLOW”.


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