Kim Tae Ri’s Mother Turns Out To Be ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’ Fans, Surprised That Na Hee Do & Baek Yi Jin Are Not Married

In Kim Tae Ri’s Vlog, It Was Revealed That His Mother Was A Fan Of The Drama ‘Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’. Just Like Many Other Viewers, Kim Tae Ri’s Mother Is Also Upset Because Of Na Hee Do And Baek Yi Jin.

Recently, Kim Tae Ri shared a personal vlog through his agency’s YouTube channel Management mmm. Although it was only uploaded on May 14, the vlog seems to have been recorded for quite a long time, namely during ” Twenty-Five, Twenty-One “.

In the video titled “#KimTae-ri ‘So This is the Place?’ DAY 3″, Kim Tae Ri talked about how the people closest to him reacted after his latest drama ended. Even the 1990-born actress revealed that she had to stay up late to reply to people’s messages.

Then Kim Tae Ri discussed the sad story of being involved in the drama ” Mr. Sunshine ” which was so successful. “My grandfather died when ‘Mr. Sunshine’ was broadcast, Lee Jung Eun sunbaenim told me that the sky is often blue when sad things happen. The sky is so blue that I cried even more…,” he said.

Kim Tae Ri then added, “I think my heart is sadder because of the bright scenery. Whenever I feel happy, sadness suddenly appears… when I’m really happy, I’m also sad because of that happiness.”

Next, Kim Tae Ri goes to a cafe and tells how he gets many calls from acquaintances to support and show affection for him. Kim Tae Ri is grateful and becomes calmer because he feels that there is no sadness in happiness this time.

Kim Tae Ri then wrote something about her role in “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”, Na Hee Do in her diary. “I hope everyone knows my true feelings after watching this interview. Hee Do is thanks to them!” he said.

Next, Kim Tae Ri was seen driving from Mokpo to Jeonju when his mother called. From the chat it was revealed that Kim Tae Ri’s mother was a fan of “Twenty-Five, Twenty-One”. As if she was excited and surprised like the rest of the audience, Kim Tae Ri’s mother asked Na Hee Do not to marry Baek Yi Jin, played by Nam Joo Hyuk .

“Why don’t you marry Yi Jin? I understand but… still, I’ve been very happy for the past two months thanks to my daughter. I’m so excited,” said Kim Tae Ri’s mother. “You’d be cool even if you were someone else’s daughter, but it feels really great because you’re my daughter.”

Then Kim Tae Ri’s mother asked her son if he would continue to play fencing. “I really want to do it but if I don’t practice every day, I will lose that sense of exercise. My body will hurt if I do it every day,” he replied.

Arriving in Jeonju, Kim Tae Ri went to the bar that Nam Joo Hyuk recommended. There, he chatted with his friend over a phone call.

Kim Tae Ri said, “I learned a lot of things this time. The drama ended. Many people contacted me. They all thanked me. They were happy. And it’s thanks to me… that’s why I feel very happy,” said Kim Tae Ri.

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