Kim Sae Ron Dragged Drunk Driving Scandal, ‘Hunting Dogs’ Doesn’t Change Main Actress

Netflix Says It Will Not Replace The ‘Hunting Dogs’ Lead Actress. However, Netflix Also Stated That Kim Sae Ron Will Not Take Part In The Next Filming Process.

Kim Sae Ron now has to face the consequences of his drunk driving. Earlier on Wednesday (18/5) morning, the actress who was born in 2000 crashed into a public facility and was about to run away because she was driving drunk.

Kim Sae Ron has been confirmed to leave the SBS drama ” Trolley “. But different things happened to the production of ” Hunting Dogs ” because the beautiful actress had completed most of the shooting process.

On Monday (23/5), Netflix again made a statement that it would not replace the lead actress of “Hunting Dogs”. However, Netflix also stated that Kim Sae Ron will not take part in the next filming process.

“After discussing with the production team, actors, and Netflix, Kim Sae Ron decided not to participate in the upcoming filming schedule. Most of the actors have finished filming their parts,” Netflix said.

Because Kim Sae Ron’s role is quite important, it’s also not easy to edit and reshoot. “The editing of what he has recorded so far is being discussed with the production team of ‘Hunting Dogs,'” Netflix continued.

“Hunting Dogs” is an action noir drama about three men who try to get out of debt and also become entangled in debt. The drama is written and directed by director Kim Joo Hwan of “Midnight Runners” and “The Divine Fury”.

In this drama, Kim Sae Ron plays Hyun Joo, who is like family to Mr. Choi ( Heo Joon Ho ) and will replace him. Mr. Choi was once a legend in the personal loan business, but now, he was lending money to the sick without interest.

Meanwhile, “Hunting Dogs” also stars Woo Do Hwan , Lee Sang Yi , and Park Sung Woong . The drama is co-produced by Studio N, Seed Films, and SEVEN O SIX. It is not yet known when this drama will air.

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