Kang Tae Oh Cancels Vacation To Bali With The Core Team ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, Why?


Kang Tae Oh Reportedly Decided Not To Go On Vacation With The Cast And Staff Of The ENA Drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ To Bali, Why?

Last week, Korean media reported that the cast and staff of the ENA drama ” Extraordinary Attorney Woo ” will be vacationing together in Bali. ENA itself confirmed that the holiday was not a gift but a decision of the cast and personal staff.

Today, Wednesday (3/8), Korean media OSEN revealed that the “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” team will leave for Bali next week on Monday (8/8). The drama team that is being talked about is said to be spending 6 days 4 nights in Bali.

OSEN himself said that not all crew and cast members would be on vacation as usual. These holidays tend to be more personal between just a few people.

Director Yoo In Sik and the main cast, namely Park Eun Bin , Kang Ki Young , Joo Jong Hyuk , and Ha Yoon Kyeong , will be traveling to Bali together. Unfortunately, it was revealed that Kang Tae Oh decided not to participate in this “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” core team vacation.

Kang Tae Oh expressed his eagerness to participate in this vacation to Bali. However, it will be difficult considering he has to prepare himself for enlisting in the military in the second half of this year.

Previously, Kang Tae Oh’s agency Man of Creation confirmed that the actor would soon be enlisting in the military between August and September. Kang Tae Oh will be enlisting in the army to carry out his duties as a man of South Korean nationality.

Kang Tae Oh, who is an actor born in 1994, is known to be in the military soon if he sees his age. The year 2023 is the deadline for men born in 1994 to leave for military service. In fact, many rumors say that men born in 1994 were asked to enlist in the military last December this year.

Previously, the production house of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” itself revealed that it prepared gifts for the cast and crew for their hard work. However, the holiday gifts are difficult to do due to schedule differences.

“To pay for the hard work of the production crew and actors at Studio Genie, we prepared ‘Golden Whale’ as a gift to the staff and actors, including writers, directors, and actors. Unfortunately, it was difficult to continue because all the staff moved (to other projects) so it was difficult time and schedule,” explained the production house of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” at the time.


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