Ji Sung Wants To Find ‘Adamas’, This Is Different Relationship With Seo Ji Hye And Lee Soo Kyung


In The Latest Footage, Ji Sung Is Shown With The Two Female Leads Of ‘Adamas’. Here Are The Contrasting Differences In His Relationship With Seo Ji Hye And Lee Soo Kyung.

Ahead of the broadcast, tvN released footage of the ” Adamas ” scene about the relationship of Ji Sung , Seo Ji Hye and Lee Soo Kyung . Involving the opposite personalities of twins, the production team implies their different dynamics with the two main female characters.

“Adamas” tells the story of twin brothers who try to unravel an incident 22 years ago. The two will unite to clear the murder charges that ensnared their biological father. It turned out that the victim of the case was their stepfather. In this case “adamas” is strong evidence to reveal the truth.

In this drama, Ji Sung plays the different personalities of bestselling mystery novel writer Ha Woo Shin and special prosecutor at Song Soo Hyun’s headquarters. Seo Ji Hye plays Eun Hye Soo, the daughter-in-law of the CEO of Haesong Group. Meanwhile, Lee Soo Kyung takes on the role of Kim Seo Hee, a social affairs reporter at TNC who has a wound. These three people are involved but each has a big goal.

On July 18, “Adamas” revealed the interaction of the three through stills. Ha Woo Shin, the younger brother, often receives anonymous letters about accusations against his biological father killing his stepfather. The murder weapon called adamas mysteriously disappeared at the crime scene which is suspected to be closely related to the Haesong Group which is represented by an arrow symbol. When Ha Woo Shin accepted the offer to become the shadow writer for the chairman of Haesong Group, he had a chance to enter.

In Haesongwon, the grand residence of the CEO of the conglomerate, Ha Woo Shin meets the charming yet mysterious Eun Hye Soo. As the only daughter of the hospital director, she grew up like a flower in a greenhouse and deeply loved the CEO’s second son who died in an unexpected accident. Before she could forget her loss, she married her husband’s older sister.

Both Ha Woo Shin and Eun Hye Soo harbored hatred towards Haesong Group. However, it is not clear whether they will become mutually supportive allies or not. The tension between them made the situation thrilling in Hasongwon.

Unlike the logical sister, Song Soo Hyun, the older brother, can’t contain his feelings and believes that everyone is equal before the law. He became a prosecutor because of his mother’s wish but he is talented at it and his life suddenly changes when he meets Kim Seo Hee. Kim Seo Hee apparently had an unexpected observation regarding the case the twins were investigating.

On the other hand, Kim Seo Hee has something she wants to reveal to the world but still remains silent. It will be interesting to know if Song Soo Hyun will get them to talk. Their fiery synergy due to similar personalities is also the viewer’s biggest concern.

Meanwhile, “Adamas” can be watched on July 27. This drama will fill the airing slot every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:30 local time.


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