HYBE Criticized For Slow Handling V BTS Dating Rumors Even Though Kim Garam’s Fast Defense

Many Criticized HYBE For Slowing Down On V’s Dating Rumors And Protecting Its Artists, Comparing It To HYBE’s Reaction To Kim Garam’s Bullying Scandal.

The public was shocked by the dating rumors of V BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) and Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ). While YG Entertainment has spoken out, HYBE has chosen to remain silent.

As is known, V and Jennie are reportedly in a special relationship. This allegation has been spreading through online communities since May 22 and has been widely discussed by many people.

V and Jennie’s dating rumors started with a photo of a man and woman in a car together on Jeju Island. The owner of the photo said that they took it because the couple looked very similar to the two top idols.

Since the picture was released, netizens have been waiting for clarification from V and Jennie’s agencies. Although there is alleged evidence from netizens that the photos appear to be edited.

Only YG Entertainment responded to the allegations. Although netizens were not overly impressed by the response “We have nothing to say,” many pointed out that it is a general statement from the company for the many scandals related to their artist.

However No statement was released from HYBE. Netizens claim that a company as big as HYBE shouldn’t waste time responding to “edited” photos.

However, many criticized HYBE for being slow in handling V’s dating rumors and protecting the artist. In particular, many compared it to HYBE’s reaction to the Kim Garam LE SSERAFIM bullying scandal .

HYBE was quick to respond to accusations of bullying Kim Garam on several occasions. But even a few hours after the alleged photo of V and Jennie dating spread, the company has not responded.

“HYBE is so quick to defend Kim Garam but is silent when it comes to members of the world’s biggest band,” netizens criticized. “HYBE may be deliberately silent to divert the issue of bullying Kim Garam,” concluded another.

Previously, HYBE seemed quick to respond to dating rumors of other BTS members, including V with Joanna Chun, Jungkook and Lee Yu Bi , and RM ( Rap Monster ) with rich non-celebrities.

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