Filming Leaks, Suzy’s Sexy Style And Yang Se Jong’s Visuals In ‘The Girl Downstairs’ Blurry Photos Are Highlighted


The Moment Of Shooting The Netflix Original Series Adaptation Of The Popular Webtoon ‘The Girl Downstairs’ Spread, Suzy And Yang Se Jong’s Mesmerizing Aura Instantly Made Knetz Go Crazy.

Some time ago, fans were excited because Suzy and Yang Se Jong were paired in a Netflix original series based on a well-known webtoon . Both of them became the main roles in the drama ” The Girls Downstairs ” (literal title).

“The Girls Downstairs” tells the story of an idol named Lee Doo Na (Suzy), who chooses to retire, and Lee Won Jun (Yang Se Jong), a college freshman. Lee Doo Na and Lee Won Jun live in the same building.

The story begins when Lee Won Jun first moves into an apartment on his first day of college. He didn’t expect the beautiful former celebrity Lee Doo Na to live downstairs in his house. Lee Won Jun tries to avoid it at first, but finds himself increasingly curious about Lee Doo Na’s mysterious life.

The moment of filming the drama “The Girls Downstairs” is currently widely spread in the online community . Suzy and Yang Se Jong have managed to be captivated by their charms even though the scattered portraits are still blurry.

Suzy looks stunning in a short dress and cardigan . She gives a graceful and sweet impression by wearing white sneakers .

Yang Se Jong himself impressed with the casual appearance of a typical student. Yang Se Jong wore a plain white t-shirt combined with denim trousers.

Knetz himself admitted that he was very impatient to watch Suzy and Yang Se Jong’s new drama. Both are considered very suitable to play their respective characters.

” Wow, I love it!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for Suzy to take on a sexy and flashy role … Her dress is perfect, ” said one Knetz. ” Suzy with straight bangs…really…legendary, ” said another. ” Ah, the casting of male and female actors is perfect. I’m really looking forward to it., ” said another.

” Wow, this is the first time I’ve seen Suzy’s style like that, I’m really looking forward to it, ” another exclaimed. ” I’m already happy to imagine seeing Suzy’s style, ” explained another. ” Wow, both are charming, ” said another.

Meanwhile, “The Girls Downstairs” itself is likely to be aired next year. Even so, Netflix has not provided further viewing details.


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