Fill The Room, Lee Min Ho Is Almost Invisible In The Sea Of ​​Birthday Gifts


Lee Min Ho Shared Moments Celebrating His Birthday And Showed The Many Gifts He Received From Fans Around The World Through His Personal Instagram Account.

South Korean celebrities’ birthday celebrations were indeed enthusiastically welcomed by fans. Especially if the celebrity is already widely known throughout the world.

Wednesday, June 22, Lee Min Ho is known to have officially entered the age of 35. Lee Min Ho did not hesitate to show the moment of celebrating his birthday through his personal Instagram account.

Lee Min Ho was seen smiling cheerfully while carrying a birthday cake in one of his uploads. The handsome actor looked simple by wearing a white hoodie and black shorts.

Lee Min Ho’s birthday cake looks so adorable. The cake with white cream is filled with dinosaur decorations.

Lee Min Ho also showed an enthusiastic moment when he saw the gift he received. The gifts sent by fans were seen to fill the room.

Lee Min Ho was seen getting cakes, flowers, dolls, and wine from fans. The handsome actor admitted that he was very happy on his birthday. Lee Min Ho did not forget to express his gratitude to fans.

” Thank you Minoz, I’m very happy today. Going to space, ” said Lee Min Ho.

The fans were immediately busy expressing sweet prayers for Lee Min Ho in the comments column. There were also those who were surprised by the number of gifts that Lee Min Ho received at his birthday celebration.

” Happy birthday oppa, ” said one fan. ” Minho, you need a bigger room in your company. Happy Minho day, ” said another. ” Wow .. Ocean of gifts, ” exclaimed another. ” Happy birthday oppa. I hope you have a special and extraordinary day like you. May all your dreams come true, ” said another.


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