“Are you trying to seduce Kang Hoon?” Jeon So-min coquettish and discovered by Kim Jong-guk? (‘Running Man’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Kim Soo-hyung] In ‘Running Man’, while Kang Hoon and Shin Ye-eun promoted the drama, Jeon So-min made Kang Hoon laugh by flirting. 

On the SBS entertainment show ‘Running Man’, which aired on the 9th, they promoted the passionate love affair of the flower scholar. 

Actors Shin Ye-eun and Kang Hoon appeared, and Kang Hoon said that he was personally a fan of Ji Suk-jin and that he was also a fan of ‘Running Man’. In fact, he said, “I was looking forward to coming out here, I couldn’t sleep for three days,” and Seok-jin Ji said, “Everyone is like that,” and made them laugh out loud. The members referred to the performance of Shin Ye-eun, who was under the ‘entertainment ban’, and called her an entertainment star. In particular, when they showed a similar texture to Jeon So-min, everyone laughed by saying, “It’s a waste to stop entertainment, I can’t stop them.” 

Among them, Shin Ye-eun and Kim Jong-guk each had to pick boarders. In order to become Kim Jong-guk’s boarder, Hoon Kang appealed, saying, “I like sports, I’m looking for a soccer team.”

mission has been carried out. You have to say sentences that fit the concept. The ad lib was the point. A ridiculous sentence was made and the scene turned into a sea of ​​laughter. Next, draw a picture and play a memory game, and suddenly Jeon So-min writes Kang Hoon’s name. I suddenly wrote calligraphy under the name of Jung Hoon. Everyone said to Jeon So-min’s strange behavior, “Why did you draw it? Is it to flirt with you?”

On the other hand, SBS entertainment ‘Running Man’ is characterized by numerous stars and members doing missions together, and it is broadcast every Sunday at 6:20 pm


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