After Jessi, HyunA And DAWN Compactly Leave P Nation Agency

The Agency P Nation Has Officially Reported That The Couple HyunA And DAWN Have Left Their Company After Not Renewing Their Exclusive Contract.

P Nation’s agency on August 29 announced that HyunA and her lover E’DAWN have officially not renewed their exclusive contract. It was revealed that this decision was taken after their exclusive contract expired.

Officially, P Nation gave an official statement regarding HyunA and DAWN’s decision not to renew their contracts with the agency. P Nation’s agency also revealed that they will maintain a good working relationship in the future.

Hello, we are P-NATION. We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you for your love and interest in HyunA and DAWN. We hereby inform you that HyunA and DAWN’s exclusive contract with P-NATION has recently ended. ,” said the agency.

“HyunA, DAWN, and HyunA & DAWN demonstrated P-NATION’s color with bold music, visuals and unique performances that only they can do. Their passion as artists, care and sincerity towards staff have set an example for everyone,” the agency continued. .

All members of P Nation will cherish the pleasant memories with HyunA and DAWN for a long time, and will continue to support their activities in the future. Thank you to the many fans who care about HyunA and DAWN, and we ask for your warm encouragement and support. closed the agency in its statement.

Please note that HyunA and DAWN first signed their contract with P Nation in January 2019. This indicates that they have been with P Nation’s agency for three years.

Hearing the news that HyunA and DAWN left P Nation, Jessi ‘s name ( Jessica Ho ) was brought up as well. How not, because Jessi decided to leave earlier than this couple at the end of last July. With this news, fans began to focus on the performance of P Nation which began to lose one by one their best artists and commented in various ways

“After Jessi left, I knew it was only a matter of time before they left too. The label exploded,” wrote a netizen. “We may see P Nation trimmed down to just Psy,” said another netizen. “Not surprised. Best for both parties. HyunA and Dawn have both released the songs they want, created and developed their own brand. Realistically they haven’t evolved musically and are not sure if there is talent there,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, on August 27, HyunA and DAWN performed at the South Korean music festival ” Geobugseom Music ” which was also linked to this news. In the event, HyunA looked emotional and cried on stage and allegedly because of the goodbye to her agency.

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