After Being Worried, Jennie BLACKPINK’s Reason For Deleting And Reposting Is Really Relatable!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made Fans Worried And Curious Because She Immediately Deleted The Upload On Instagram And Then Reposted It, A Simple Reason That Would Shake Her Head.

Jennie BLACK PINK recently made fans curious and worried because she deleted one of her uploads on her personal Instagram. The uploaded portrait is known to have been taken on the set of the “Pink Venom” MV.

However, soon Jennie immediately re-shared the upload with almost the same portrait. Jennie just added a few different portraits to the upload and it looks nothing out of the ordinary.

Jennie even used the exact same caption as the upload she deleted. ” A vision that I had when I first heard pink venom really comes to life, ” said the idol under the auspices of the YG Entertainment agency in English. He added a heart emoji at the end of his caption .

Jennie unexpectedly then gave an explanation related to the reason for deleting her portrait on Instagram. It turned out to be far from the thoughts of the fans.

The beautiful idol born in 1996 apparently deleted his upload just because he didn’t like his Instagram feed . This proves that Jennie is just like other Instagram users who like to delete uploads just to make the feed more beautiful.

Even so, Jennie seemed to realize that fans were finally worried. Thus, he also apologized for his explanation regarding re-uploading the photo after deleting it.

” I didn’t like the feed, so I re-uploaded it, ” Jennie said in the comments column while giving a smiling emoji. ” Sorry! ” he continued.

Meanwhile, Jennie herself is busy filming BLACKPINK’s new MV for their second studio album, “BORN PINK”. The album will be released on September 16th.

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