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Karthi has been in phenomenal form in recent times, delivering back-to-back blockbusters in the last few years. His blockbuster movies include Khakhee, Kaithi, Sulthan, PS 1, and Sardar. All these films were massive hits at the box office in Karthi’s career. Well, the audience requested and demanded sequels for a few films among these. Even the stories of these films support and lead to a sequel. The sequels to the three films in the above mentioned list are currently the most anticipated ones, and Karthi also planned them to be made in 2023.
Sardar is the latest blockbuster delivered by Karthi under the direction of PS Mithran. The film is a spy action thriller made and released in both Telugu and Tamil languages. The film was released for Diwali and made decent collections at the box office. Sardar has received positive reviews everywhere from all kinds of audiences. The film stood as one of the best spy movies of recent times, next to Lokesh Kanagaraj and Kamal Haasan’s Vikram. So the makers decided to make the sequel to Sardar, which was already in their thoughts during the production of Part One itself. Today, the makers of Sardar released the promo of Sardar 2, making the official announcement of the film.
PS 2 is the upcoming official sequel to PS 1(Ponniyin Selvan 1), as it is known to us all. PS 1 is an epic historical action drama, written and directed by the guru of Indian cinema, Mani Ratnam. The film’s story is based on the popular novel of the same title, written by Kalki Krishnamurthy in 1955. The film deals with the rule of the Chola dynasty. PS 1 created many records at the box office. The film is the fourth highest grossing film in Tamil cinema of all time and the highest grossing Tamil film of the year 2022. Besides these records, the film has also delivered a visual spectacle to the audience. The experience is immeasurable. The audience are eagerly waiting for the sequel, PS 2, in 2023. Karthi, who is one of the lead actors in the first part and also the narrator, is going to be a great asset for the second part too. So, PS 2 will also be among the exciting sequels from Karthi next year.
Kaithi 2 is the most awaited film among any other sequels in Karthi’s filmography. This is because of the impact created on the audience by Lokesh Kanagaraj with his Lokesh cinematic universe. We are all aware that Lokesh Kanagaraj previously wowed audiences with his film Kaithi, starring Karthi. The film has shaken the box office in Kollywood in 2019. It also received international acclaim for the content Lokesh delivered to the audience. Kaithi stood as one of the best action thrillers in Tamil cinema. Lokesh took the reference of Kaithi in Kamal Haasan’s Vikram and welcomed Karthi into his cinematic universe for the next proceedings. Kaithi also deserves a sequel, with the content yet to be explored in its first part. Karthi as Dilli is undoubtedly the most loved character in this cinematic universe, and so Kaithi 2 is the much awaited sequel.
Well, Khakhee can also be a sequel as per the speculations made during the release of the first part. The discussions also went on during those times. Well, we need to wait if Karthi and Vinoth consider making Khakhee 2 in the near future.


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