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The song is fueled by a stomping guitar riff
(Clockwise from top left) Mumbai-based guitarist-producer Kunal Sinha aka Groove Bhai, singer Crystal Sequeira , drummer Chinmay Roy and bassist Sayar Mitra. Photo: Courtesy of the artists
For his latest jumpy single, “Look Inside,” Mumbai-based guitarist-producer Kunal Sinha aka Groove Bhai decided to channel nostalgia and revisit an older riff. The new track stemmed from guitar parts he would play in 2010 with his previous band Funkzone alongside bassist Sayar Mitra. He says, “Sayar and I decided to collaborate, and we started to revisit a few ideas that we already had worked on back in the day.” The guitarist adds, “This signature riff was always stuck in my head for all these years and so we decided to make an entirely new composition around it.”
“Look Inside” is rooted in funk and alternative rock and opens with that groovy riff before the track builds up with crunchy guitar chords, throbbing bass parts from Mitra, sublime vocals courtesy of singer Crystal Sequeira as well as melodic and thumping drum work from Chinmay Roy. “All of them recorded their parts and added whatever they thought would elevate the track and sent it back to me,” says Sinha.
According to the guitarist, he was inspired to write “Look Inside” after reading Japanese philosopher Daisaku Ikeda’s book titled Hope Is a Decision. While the book talks about overcoming tough times, Sinha says, “This really resonated with me.” He adds, “Through this song, I really want to help spread the love and hope.”
Looking ahead, Sinha wants to continue writing in both English and Hindi about themes that are close to his heart. He’s already lining up a follow-up single in Hindi titled “Bawri,” which is about the celebration of a modern-day independent woman. “This lockdown has really helped me to find my voice as an artist,” says the musician.
Watch the visualizer for “Look Inside” below and stream the song on Apple Music and Spotify. 

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