Ghost Doctor Episode 12 Spoiler: Can Se Jin Reveal Go Seung Tak’s Secret?

The Korean drama Ghost Doctor this time will enter its 12th episode. The story is getting more interesting to follow.

In the previous episode of Ghost Doctor , it was about how Cha Young Min went on a mission to get happy hormones.

The story of Ghost Doctor in episode 12 will be even more interesting if you read this spoiler to get an idea of ​​the story.

The fantasy medical drama series Ghost Doctor Episode 12 is ready to hit the small screen. The new complications in Seung Tak and Young Min’s lives turn out to be very chaotic and quite funny too.

Se Jin suspects that Seung Tak and Seung Won know the truth behind his genius surgery skills, and things are bound to get a lot more interesting.

Seung Tak’s character development has left everyone in awe, and now they’re hoping he can come out as one of the best surgeons out there.

In the previous episode “the mission of obtaining the happy hormones” continued. Seung Tak invited Dr. Jang to attend Jessica’s concert, knowing that Young Min is her big fan.

He thought that if he went there instead of Dr. Cha, then he will feel very happy.

At the concert, Young Min is surprised to see Dr. Jang there. He started pacing and making up the excuse that he was at the concert because Jessica was his patient.

After all the awkward events, they were seen walking side by side. In the midst of this peaceful time, Se Jin points out that CS is very busy and remembers how he felt when he was an intern.

He wonders why Seung Tak took this major.

Answering his question, he replied that he did that because he promised someone that he would major in CS while he would specialize in Neurosurgery.

This answer takes Se Jin by surprise because it is really similar to what Young Min and he have.

Then he sits next to Young Min’s unconscious body in the hospital and tries to piece together all the events that happened.

Is Dr. Who Will Find Out About Young Min Seung Tak?

Seeing his reaction, many onlookers out there were anticipating that he would soon collect the pieces and find out the secret that was being hidden And now, with Seung Won privy to the secret, the odds are high.

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