Chiranjeevi’s ‘Godfather’ on OTT platform: Release date, where to watch, cast and plot – India Today

By India Today Web Desk: ‘Godfather’, the Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi's most recent theatrical film, will soon be available on an OTT platform. The movie is a successful Telugu remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Lucifer’.
The movie's shooting started in August 2021, and it was released on October 4, 2022.

‘Godfather’ will be streaming from November 19 on Netflix.

In the Mohan Raja-produced film ‘GodFather’, Satyadev and Nayanthara both had significant roles. On October 5, it was introduced to a favourable reception. The movie was also released in Hindi and includes a lengthy cameo from Salman Khan.
The focus of the film is Chiranjeevi's mysterious character Brahma, who has considerable political influence. Following the death of the state's current chief minister, Satya Priya, her husband Jai, and her stepbrother Brahma engage in a political power struggle. Who of the two sides can attain power is the story that the rest of the movie follows.
The promotional song "Thaar Maar" for 'GodFather' also includes Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan. The song, which was written by S Thaman, received a lot of positive feedback from music fans in the Telugu and Hindi-speaking regions.

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