Oscar 2022: After Will Smith Incident, Fans Inflamed Host Calls Kirsten Dunst ‘Seat Filler’

Although Many Said That It Was Just A Joke And Was Part Of The Scenario, Many Thought That Such A Joke Should Not Be Given.

The 2022 Oscars have been shocked by the incident on stage involving actors Will Smith and Chris Rock . Fans also questioned the credibility of the Oscar host after Amy Schumer also called Kirsten Dunst a seat filler .

“So what do seat fillers do. I heard you are chair fillers I will explain what you need to do. So when you get up to go to the bathroom, or if you are going to cry because you didn’t win…” Amy then turned to speak to Jesse Plemons , who was sitting with his partner, Dunst.

The 40-year-old continued, “Actually, let me show you what seat fillers do.”

Pointing to Kirsten, Schumer said, “Okay, here’s a seat filler. Can we wake you, honey? Do you want to go to the bathroom?”

The crowd burst into laughter as a confused-looking Dunst rose from his seat. The joke sparked controversy and infuriated the viewers. The snippet quickly became a hot topic on Twitter with people criticizing Schumer. Although many say that it is just a joke and is part of the dialogue, but such jokes should not be given.

” Why does the host of the Oscars like to make jokes about people’s wives? ” asked one netizen. ” It’s just so unfunny that it hurts. Oscar tries too hard to be controversial, ” said another. ” Their acting is very good like real, ” said another.”goliath streaming” “my dress up darling streaming” “my first summer streaming

” Seat filler? He’s nominated! ” said another. ” Jokes should be funny, ” said a fan. ” If you mention seat filler, don’t be specific about mentioning someone’s name because it’s a form of insult, ” another tweeted.

” Pathetic. Kirsten has even been in this industry before she was. She doesn’t deserve this, complained another. ” Good thing she didn’t get slapped, ” joked another, apparently referring to the Will Smith incident. ” Oscar Award changed to Oscar Awkward , ” joked another.

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