Batgirl Cast: Everything You Need To Know

HBO Max 'Batgirl' Announcing Three New Cast Members To The Film
HBO Max 'Batgirl' Announcing Three New Cast Members To The Film from

The Role of Batgirl in the DC Universe

Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, is a superheroine in the DC Universe. She first appeared in Detective Comics #359 in 1967. Batgirl is the daughter of Gotham City’s police commissioner, James Gordon. She is a skilled detective and martial artist, and she fights crime alongside Batman and Robin.

The History of Batgirl on Screen

Batgirl has appeared in various films, TV shows, and animated series. In 1968, Yvonne Craig played Batgirl in the third season of the Batman TV series. In 1997, Alicia Silverstone played Batgirl in the movie Batman & Robin. In 2019, the animated movie Batman: Hush featured Batgirl as one of the main characters.

The New Batgirl Movie

In 2023, a new Batgirl movie will be released. The movie will focus on the character of Barbara Gordon and her journey to becoming Batgirl. The movie will be directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, and it will be produced by Kristin Burr.

The Cast of Batgirl

Leslie Grace as Batgirl

Leslie Grace has been cast as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Grace is a rising star in Hollywood, and she is best known for her role in the movie In the Heights. Grace is a perfect fit for the role of Batgirl, as she is a talented actress with a strong screen presence.

J.K. Simmons as James Gordon

J.K. Simmons will reprise his role as James Gordon, Barbara Gordon’s father and the police commissioner of Gotham City. Simmons previously played the role of James Gordon in the movie Justice League.

Brendan Fraser as Firefly

Brendan Fraser will play the villain Firefly in the Batgirl movie. Firefly is a pyromaniac who uses flame-based weapons to commit crimes. Fraser is a versatile actor who has played both comedic and dramatic roles, and he will bring his unique energy to the role of Firefly.

The Plot of the Batgirl Movie

The Batgirl movie will follow Barbara Gordon as she becomes Batgirl and fights crime in Gotham City. The movie will also explore Barbara’s relationships with her father and her best friend, Alysia Yeoh. The movie will be action-packed and full of suspense, as Batgirl faces off against Firefly and other villains.


The Batgirl movie promises to be an exciting addition to the DC Universe. With a talented cast and a thrilling plot, the movie is sure to be a hit with fans of the character and superhero movies in general. Keep an eye out for the release of Batgirl in 2023!

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