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whatdays gone 2 or something else? This week, as part of its 30th anniversary, Bend Studio, the firm behind the spy game Siphon Filter and, more recently, the controversial days gonemade an enthusiastic post on his official Twitter account, where, among other things, he confirmed what many of us knew: the studio is working on a new game. Not only that, Bend Studio is eager to present itand that lends itself to several questions.

The first one is, of course, what game it is about. We will be before a new property, the reborn as a classic Siphon Filter or a sequel to days gonewhich, honestly, seems almost impossible.

The second is when they will show it and, if not for the PlayStation Showcase that we will have next Wednesday, it would be an open question, but there is a realistic possibility that said project will be presented to society in less than a week. After all, Bend Studio launched days gone in 2019so they have been doing something new for 4 years -maybe more, if we consider pre-production.

This year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary at Bend Studio! Established in 1993, our studio continues to evolve from our roots of passion and innovation. Thanks for your support of over 30 years of gaming, from Siphon Filter to Days Gone. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next!

What game is Bend Studio making

It’s important to note that this isn’t the first time Bend Studio has talked about their next project. As part of its 29th anniversary, the firm presented its new logo and talked about it.

We are working on one new IP that includes multiplayer and is based on the open world systems of Days Gone, but with a whole new world that we are very excited to create for you. We can’t wait to unveil it when the time comes.”

When does it come out days gone 2

Before answering that question, it would be more worth asking if there will even be Days Gone 2. For a start, the game came out plagued with technical problems and, although its open world was not badly designed, it did not offer anything outstanding. Both details dealt days gone an especially low critical reception for a PlayStation exclusive.

Despite everything, the game surpassed the barrier of 8 million games sold, which deserved Ghost of Tsushima a sequel, not so days gone and its then director, Jeff Ross, did not hesitate to disapprove of the inconsistency in the treatment given to its creation. Some time later, he himself ruled out that there was a sequel in development. If it’s any consolation, there’s a movie about days gone Developing. If it’s any consolation, a movie adaptation has been announced.

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