Project Q is not a Nintendo Switch or PSP: you can’t use the new one "console" without having a PS5


After some rumors, PlayStation made it official that they are working on a device dedicated to streaming games from PS5. It doesn’t have an official name yet, but its code name is Project Q.

Seeing a portable screen with a DualSense controller attached to the sides might make you think it’s a portable console or that you can take your games anywhere like a Nintendo Switch, but it’s not.

Project Q, a device dedicated to streaming from a PS5

What PlayStation Project Q proposes is to offer a function that we have already seen in Sony consoles since the days of PS3 and that can currently be done with the PS App on other devices such as a laptop, phone or tablet.

Having said that, you can’t use it without having a PS5the console is where the games are installed and must be running to stream to the portable device.

So, what is the difference with streaming to the cell phone or tablet?

we still don’t have many hardware details, but the main difference is that in its controls we have the same characteristics of a DualSense: haptic vibrations and adaptive triggers. Its screen also supports up to 60 frames per second, something that could benefit your gaming sessions at a distance.

The The difference with streaming on Project Q versus any other device that does the same thing is that it is a dedicated devicebut the function is exactly the same.

In conclusion, more of a ‘Wii U’ controller than a new PlayStation laptop

That said, Project Q is a device more similar to a control with a screen than a portable console. Ideal for playing at home when you can’t or don’t want to do it on the TV, but always depending on a PS5 where the games are installed.

In short, it is not a completely autonomous device.

It may be possible to play away from home by having a good internet connection, both uploading at home and downloading wherever you are, as has always been the case with PlayStation Remote Play.

It was not announced that it would have a mobile connection to use it in a place where you do not have Wi-Fi internet, apparently that function is not contemplated. Which It is also not clear that it will be possible to access games directly from the cloud –in countries where PlayStation Plus allows it– without having to connect to a PS5; that doesn’t sound likely either.

In summary, it is not a completely autonomous deviceand perhaps its price will be decisive when players decide if it is a good idea to pay for a dedicated device or it is better to continue using the function of the remote play on the devices that they already have at home and that already allow them to enjoy this function without any problem.


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