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Here’s everything we know about American Horror Story season 12 – including predictions for the release date, returning cast, and theme.
WARNING! Spoilers ahead for American Horror Story season 11!Following NYC’s ending, the franchise has much to look forward to with American Horror Story season 12. The American Horror Story universe has expanded significantly in recent years, as Ryan Murphy also helms an episodic anthology spinoff series titled American Horror Stories. Even after a decade on air, American Horror Story continues to craft terrifying tales with a highly talented cast, with no end in sight for the franchise. After the mixed-reviewed Double Feature, American Horror Story season 11 brought back serial killer villains for a new location, with season 12 apt to bring new twists as well.
AHS: NYC takes place in the 1980s as ominous mass murderers and the HIV/AIDS epidemic terrorize the gay community, with American Horror Story season 11’s ending taking a more emotional route than usual for the series. NYC sees the returns of AHS actors Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Zachary Quinto, and Leslie Grossman, as well as introduces Charlie Carver, Joe Mantello, and Russell Tovey to the franchise. In anticipation of the next creepy installment, here’s everything we know about American Horror Story season 12, including predictions for the release date, theme, and cast.
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American Horror Story season 12 is officially happening. In 2020, FX renewed American Horror Story through season 13, so there are already more two seasons confirmed after AHS: NYC’s ending. However, FX has yet to reveal any details regarding the official release dates, cast, crew, or themes of American Horror Story seasons 12 and 13. Although the spinoff series, American Horror Stories, hasn’t been renewed for season 3, there shouldn’t be any worries about the franchise coming to an end soon.
Since the Ryan Murphy TV show premiered in 2011, American Horror Story has released a new season every year except for 2020. As such, it’s more than likely that American Horror Story season 12’s release date will align with the premiere strategies of previous installments. With the exception of season 10’s AHS: Double Feature, every season of American Horror Story has premiered in either September or October, so season 12 will likely arrive during this same timeframe.
While Ryan Murphy has been increasingly busy with his FX and Netflix TV shows, he has continued to produce new seasons of American Horror Story every fall. Audiences can thus expect American Horror Story season 12 to premiere in fall 2023, seemingly in August at the earliest or November at the latest. Considering American Horror Story season 11’s exact release date wasn’t confirmed until September 2022, season 12’s premiere date isn’t apt to be announced until summer or fall 2023.
American Horror Story season 11 doesn’t give any direct clues as to what season 12’s theme will be, but it could be something that aligns with Ryan Murphy’s proposed themes from 2021. In April 2021, Murphy posted a poll on social media asking fans to vote on their favorite theme, which included Sirens, Plague, Bloody Mary, Aliens, Christmas Horror, and Piggy Man. Considering aliens appeared in American Horror Story season 10, Bloody Mary and Christmas Horror had their own episodes in American Horror Stories, and the Plague theme somewhat applied to American Horror Story season 11, it seems that Sirens and Piggy Man are still on the table.
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Sirens was a fan-favorite choice, so this would make an excellent follow-up to American Horror Story: NYC. On the other hand, American Horror Story could be going back to the themes of past seasons for its next installment, with Murphy already confirming that Coven and Apocalypse’s popular witches would return in a future season (via Entertainment Tonight). American Horror Story season 12’s theme could also tie into the popularity of Ryan Murphy’s 2022 Netflix TV show Dahmer. If so, the next season could dive deeper into American Horror Story’s history with serial killer characters, whether they were real or fictional.
American Horror Story is remarkable for its returning cast members, but a few franchise staples were missing from AHS: NYC. Notably absent from American Horror Story season 11’s cast were Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Finn Wittrock, Cody Fern, and Adina Porter, all of whom appeared in season 10’s Double Feature. While it’s possible for these figures to return for American Horror Story season 12, it seems that Paulson shouldn’t be expected; the actress noted in an interview with Variety that while she’s open to returning, she’s also ready to hand off the franchise to different actors.
As frequent Ryan Murphy collaborators, AHS: NYC actors Charlie Carver, Joe Mantello, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, and Zachary Quinto could reasonably return for American Horror Story season 12. Russell Tovey also took on a major role as Patrick in NYC, which suggests that he’ll be back for another season of Ryan Murphy’s series. The cast of American Horror Story season 12 likely depends on the theme of the new installment, but if the next season returns to past themes, then more of the franchise staple actors can be expected to appear and potentially reprise roles.
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