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Exception Season 1 – Photo Credits: Netflix Media Center
Happy new month!
September 2022 has officially come and gone, and though we’re excited to walk into spooky season, we have to give one last shout-out to the anime titles of the previous month because, boy, were they freaking amazing!
From the continuation of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean to the long-awaited premiere of Drifting Home, Netflix proved that its anime lineup is only improving with time. But the streaming service especially proved this point by releasing, hands down, the best anime we’ve seen all year: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.
Unfortunately, October 2022 is without a second installment of the cyberpunk anime for now, but thankfully, there are a lot more anime that can definitely hold their own and, possibly, dethrone Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.
If you caught Netflix Geeked Week this year, then you know some fire anime titles are in store. One of these anime titles will finally make its way to us later this month, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it, along with all the stunning titles.
Without further ado, here are all the three best anime coming to Netflix in October 2022!
Release Date: Oct. 7
Tiger & Bunny 2 returns with another action-packed installment, and this time, the stakes are higher than ever.
In part 2, the anime will explore the trials and tribulations that arise when a new malicious group threatens the livelihood of their society. It will be a tough battle with chaos and destruction bound to cause a few bruises. But as long as our mighty team of superhuman soldiers sticks together and remembers the unbreakable bond they’ve managed to forge thus far, there’s nothing that they won’t be able to accomplish.
How will our heroes save the day? Will it be enough to thwart the plans of the enemies? And, most importantly, will everyone make it out alive?
Release Date: Oct. 13
When Netflix Geeked Week dropped the official key art of Exception, shivers went down all of our spines because we couldn’t quite make out what the monstrous figure was. However, now we understand that the dark entity is actually a troubled individual who needs help.
Exception journeys the lives of an artificially created scouting team who must explore the universe in search of a new home for humans. But things take a dark turn when the 3D printing system goes haywire and produces a very hostile copy of one of the crew members. With the clone growing extremely dangerous by the second, the team’s morals are confronted, as discerning whether the monster is a threat in need of exterminating or a human being in need of saving is a rather tough conclusion to arrive at.
The idea of the self is a concept this anime challenges greatly, and we can’t wait to learn what revelations are in store for us.
Release Date: Oct. 27
Romantic Killer proves that spooky season doesn’t always have to be filled with terrors and scares, as this series is sure to have everyone looking for a cuddle buddy to shelter them from the cold.
The upcoming release tells the story of Anzu, a high school girl who doesn’t care for romance and is perfectly content with her life filled with cats, gaming, and chocolate. But a mysterious magical wizard calls her bluff by making her life resemble that of a dating simulation game. Between bumping into attractive guys at every turn and being put into fairy-tale-like scenarios, rejecting romance will be very difficult. Still, Anzu is determined to return to her life as a single girl.
Will she succumb to romance in the end? Or will she prove that cats, gaming, and chocolate are all a teenage girl really needs?
From romantic comedy to mecha, we definitely have a good mix of genres this month. There’s a title for every mood, so jot down these release dates and catch Tiger & Bunny 2 Part 2Exception, and Romantic Killer only on Netflix.
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