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Upcoming New Anime on Netflix in 2023 and Beyond. Keep this list handy as we list all anime shows coming to Netflix in 2023.
If you haven’t made any New Year resolutions yet, perhaps watching Anime might be a good place to start? This particular style of animation, mainly associated with Japan, is designed for all kinds of audiences, so young or old, there will be something here that you can enjoy. Anime is becoming more and more popular and important in the world of pop culture, and there is a massive back catalogue of material to search through. Still, if you are looking for new material, you have come to the right place, as this article will discuss some of the Upcoming New Anime on Netflix in 2023 and Beyond.
It seemed that there was some doubt if there were going to be further outings for this show, but fans can relax as the story will continue early in 2023. For centuries, the business elite have used ruthless fighters to battle it out with high stakes that mean winner takes all. Ohma Tokita is involved in the ancient underground world of gladiator-style fighting, and will stop at nothing to win. Look for this early in 2023.
This legendary manga has a real pedigree, originally printed in 1963, it received the anime treatment in 1989, and now in 2023, Netflix looks set to revive the story. The story of Akuma-Kun aiming for Utopia on Earth, through the power of demons, is one of the oldest franchises in Japan, so it will be fun to see a new take on this premise early in 2023.
Put January 19th, 2023, in your diary as the launch date for this collection of twenty episodes from the master of horror, Junji Ito. This series will be based on his work, so prepare yourself for disturbing and unsettling stories and imagery.
I love an anthology show, so this is one to look out for in early 2023. Baku Yumemakura is the creative mind behind this series of shorts featuring historical characters and his works have sold over twenty million copies in Japan. Fans will be able to see the anime adaptations in 2023 on Netflix.
Fans had a long wait between the first two seasons of this show, and although they might not have to wait too long for the anticipated third season, the sad news is that this will be the last set of episodes to be made. The Ultraman manga is often cited as one of the main reasons that other series such as Power Rangers were made possible, so do your due diligence and look out for this final series around the Spring of 2023.
This heartfelt comedy-drama may not have wowed fans with the quality of the animation in its first season. Still, the story and characters have won over an audience, so prepare for season two of the story in January 2023. The premise follows a retired crime boss becoming a house husband to look after his wife and struggling with the everyday dramas of a normal world.

Well, you can catch up with Retsuko in February 2023, with a run of forty episodes that will mark the last season of the show; we are all hoping for a happy ending, but who knows how things will turn out, so this final season will be a must watch for loyal fans of this franchise, expect plenty of Death Metal karaoke.
Ultimate Journeys will continue the adventures of Ash and Goh, with the former continuing to rise through the ranks of the World Coronation Series and the latter continuing his work on Project Mew. The juggernaut that is Pokemon continues onwards, and this new season should be available on Netflix early in 2023.
Technically this is not a Netflix series, but they have managed to get the international rights to this movie should drop on March 31st, 2023. This looks to be an original storyline and there is a short teaser that you can watch below.
After the first run of this show, there was some noted disappointment with the animation, however, there is a new company on duty for this season, Yumeta, so fans have high hopes. Humans from history are brought before the Gods to engage in combat to secure the fate of the world. This incredible high-concept anime should be around from early 2023.

Look out for a February release date for this series, based on the work of Yasuo Ohtagaki. This sci-fi epic set on a frozen prison planet was originally pitched as a movie, but it is set now to be a series which will allow more time and space to build this world. Produced by the same company as Exception, you can get a feel for this show in the teaser below.
After the success of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Netflix have no hesitation in investing in another video-game anime, and they don’t come more identifiable than Tomb Raider. With Powerhouse running the show, the series looks set to unify the continuity of all the games, and with Hayley Atwell on voice acting duties, this has winner written all over it.
With no release dates, here are some projects that we may see towards the end of the year, but we may have to wait for them a bit longer.
Let’s start with a fascinating project, as the Terminator franchise looks set to get the anime treatment. This looks to be a Netflix-produced show with eight episodes, and the “future war” seems to play a prominent part in the story. This series has already garnered some massive hype, and we imagine this is going to be an amazing run.
Here is another great series to look out for, particularly if you are new to anime. Although production on this show seems to have been hit by the pandemic, we are still eagerly anticipating its release. The iconic series of graphic novels following Scott and his attempts to win the heart of Ramona has already made it to the big screen, so what direction the anime will go in is still a mystery, but we are going to watch it anyway.
Don’t expect this series to follow a child-friendly interpretation of the classic stories, ala Disney, this new version of the tales will bring a twist to the fables that were originally written as warnings and guides to the real dangers of the world.  The female-led mangaka company CLAMP,  behind the successful manga series Cardcaptor Sakura, are responsible for the character design on the show. The animation looks to be handled by WIT Studio, the producers of the first three seasons of Attack on Titan. Based on this collaboration alone, this dark and quirky series has us interested already.
When Ubisoft decided it was time to allow more growth for its franchises, anime was an avenue they were interested in, and it wasn’t long before they announced an anime for Far Cry. In a series of tweets in 2021, Adi Shankar announced that he had been granted a license to create a “new Universe” for Ubisoft. As well as a cyber-punk-themed series based on Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, there is also speculation about a second spin-off too. The shows may feature a type of else worlds variation on the games, but expectations are high.
Comic book fans may already be aware of this character from Boom Studios, who launched this comic book created by Keanu Reeves. The first issue, complete with multiple variants, took the comic book industry by storm, and proved to Marvel and DC that with the right properties, comic books from smaller companies can outsell many of their major titles. The limited series was always intended to branch into other media, and this anime version will precede a possible live-action movie.
This has been a long time in coming, with announcements of this show appearing way back in 2018, but it looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for this release. The first eight anime episodes will debut on Netflix, and the team behind Castlevania is producing this, so it should be in good hands.
To be honest, we thought this franchise had already been adapted, but that may have been wishful thinking, as season one of this anime is still to arrive. However, it looks like sixteen episodes are on offer over two seasons, and will hopefully appear on Netflix sooner than later
That completes our list of Upcoming New Anime on Netflix in 2023 and Beyond. What are your thoughts on this slate? Comment below.
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