The Meg Review: Still Entertaining & Full of Surprises


Who knows how many know that the film The Meg is actually an adaptation of the famous horror novel with the title Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror . The novel by Steve Alten is popular with readers, but not with critics. Hollywood plans to adapt Meg actually been planned since 1997. Unfortunately, the same as the fourth film Jurassic Park the Jurassic World , the film is experiencing problems in the development stage.

New Line Cinema plans to release their adaptation of Meg in 2008, with future directors Jan de Bont and Guillermo del Toro. Unfortunately that plan had to be abandoned in 2007. The project was later picked up by Warner Bros., with director Eli Roth. The director who is famous for his bloody horror films apparently resigned, due to differences in ideas (perhaps Roth’s version has too much blood?). The director of the film National Treasure , Jon Turteltaub, also took over the director’s bench.

The film is a United States and China co-production, and stars Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis. The Meg tells the story of exploration in the deep sea which accidentally wakes up a giant white shark named Megalodon. Of course, the main goal after these scientists woke up the ancient shark was to kill it before it swallowed its victim. The story of The Meg is simple, nothing deep. However, behind this simple story, The Meg actually presents an entertaining and tense film. Read on for this review to find out.

One of the things that makes The Meg enjoyable to watch is the storyline. Lately, Hollywood’s “expensive” B-movies are more likely to give audiences what they want in a movie, such as explosions, monsters, gunfire, etc. The Meg also continues to give its audience what they want when paying for tickets: a giant shark. However, The Meg not only gives the audience what they want, but a story that is enjoyable to watch, like a flowing river.

It’s true that the story in The Meg is not deep and simple (the name is also B-Movie), but The Meg also gives the audience the opportunity to admire the design concept, visuals, characters, and effective tense moments. So that The Meg almost does not give the audience a “waiting room” that makes them sit in boredom, until the scene they want appears. This is how B-Movie films should be made: a simple story, but still makes the audience sit tensely wondering what will happen next.

Characterization that is not as deep as the ocean trench, but still gives a smile

Surprisingly, Jason Statham’s acting style, which is serious and cool and is his trademark, fits well with the story of The Meg . His acting and charisma may still be inferior when compared to other action stars , such as Dwayne Johnson. However, Statham is able to convince the audience that if a giant shark escapes, then he is the one you will ask to save you. Li Bingbing’s role as Suyin, a tough single mom , sends a surge of energy both acting and visually (ahem). Winston Zhao, who plays the father of the character Suyin, also gives an appearance that gives off a shining charisma, as a father and scientist.

Rainn Wilson, who plays billionaire Jack Morris, smiles throughout the film. Indeed, there are one or two scenes that don’t hit, but Wilson’s characterization and demeanor are arguably different from the “clown” characters in other films. He can throw funny dialogues, but can also give a serious impression in some scenes. Thumbs up should also be given to Shuya Sophia Cai, who plays Li Bingbing’s daughter, for not only showing a cute face.

Other supporting characters, played by Cliff Curtis, Ruby Rose, Page Kennedy, and Robert Taylor, provide their own color in the film. It’s true that the characterization of each character, both main and side, is not as deep as the sea they explore. However, they still give The Meg an energy and color that makes the storyline even more enjoyable to watch.

Terror in the Thrilling Sea, Even though Sometimes Repetitive

In The Meg, director John Turteltaub not only gives the audience a horror film that has a good storyline, but also a suspenseful giant shark film. Thanks to the help of cinematographer Tom Stern, who was a regular with director/actor Clint Eastwood, Megalodon’s attacks became effective. There are moments where the audience is given a tense silence to ask “where?” and “when” Megalodon will appear. When all these questions are answered, the audience will be given a tense and satisfying scene.

Unfortunately some scenes feel repetitive, so it feels like a fake tension. Especially the jump scare scene , which instead uses a tense atmosphere, but instead the music that actually makes you startle. But that doesn’t mean this will disturb the film, because there are many more tense scenes that can make the audience jump from their chairs.

Best Giant Shark Movie?

The Meg is not a heavy and serious film that geeks have to think carefully about in order to delve into its story, themes, or characters. However, The Meg manages to deliver a fun, suspenseful, and one of the best giant shark movie. Even so, The Meg still loses when compared to Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, or The Shallow .

It’s time for B-movie to not only give the audience what they want from the premise, but an interesting storyline so that the audience doesn’t get bored. Could it be that with the success of The Meg Hollywood intends to resurrect the glory of the films “giant beast”? If so, then The Meg has managed to become a good starter menu.

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