‘The Glory’ Kim Hee-ra plays a drug addict who is surprised even abroad

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[OSEN=Reporter Ha Su-jeong] Actress Kim Hee-ra is receiving favorable reviews for her acting that overwhelms the public again in Part 2 of ‘The Glory’.

In the Netflix original series ‘The Glory’ Part 2, which was unveiled on the 10th, Kim Hee-ra, who played the role of Isara, is attracting attention from domestic and foreign fans with her charm that goes beyond the previous film.

Kim Hee-ra, who showed fresh charm by playing the role of Isara, a painter addicted to alcohol and drugs in Part 1 of ‘The Glory’, drew great attention from the public by perfectly digesting the character in the play, such as unfocused eyes, disorganized speech, drowsy gestures and eye handling. received.

Kim Hee-ra’s acting transformation, which appeared in Part 2, was again a series of surprises. If he was curious in Part 1, such as committing high-level acts in the hallucination of Hire Kim, who was caught in a trap set by Song Hye-kyo, and committing a murder attempt with eyes that were betrayed by his friend, in Part 2, he properly exploded his acting potential and returned home. captivated the theater.

In particular, as soon as he completely disassembled himself as a North Korean defector character full of maternity in the previous drama ‘Here Kim’, ‘The Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, he became a strong scene-stealer with a 180-degree acting transformation in ‘The Glory’ and is sweeping all eyes.

As much as the topic of ‘The Glory’, which ranked 3rd in the global rankings one day after the release of Part 2 and 1st in 26 countries including Japan, Hongbong, and Thailand, Heera Kim’s overseas reaction is also unusual. It is rumored that she is the owner of an oriental mask and transparent eyes, and has been receiving a lot of attention since the release of Part 1 of ‘The Glory’.

Kim Hee-ra is captivating viewers with her excellent character digestion through a wide range of acting skills across genres. Continuing his restless ten days, attention is being paid to what kind of acting transformation he will show in his new work in the future.

Meanwhile, ‘The Glory’ Part 2 was released to the world on the 10th.

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