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October has officially reached its halfway mark, and the countdown to Halloween is picking up. Here’s what to stream on Netflix this weekend.
With October 2022 officially halfway done, Halloween looms ever closer on the horizon, with all the horror movies and tricks and treats audiences can handle. Netflix has all sorts of fresh film and television programming for those looking to curl up inside with a hot cup of apple cider as they watch the joys of autumn sweep across the country. And CBR is here with suggestions on what to stream this weekend, whether it be a scary story or some more sweetly innocent fun to enjoy the downtime.
Here are the biggest and best suggestions to binge on Netflix this weekend, from horror movies and shows set to leave the streaming service soon to gorgeously rendered animated musicals to celebrate life's simpler pleasures.
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Hip hop artist and actor Kid Cudi has crafted an all-star television special companion to his latest studio album Entergalactic. Co-created by Cudi, the musical expands the story from the album and features a lush animation style following a young man named Jabari, played by Cudi himself. Dedicated to Cudi's late friend, fashion designer Virgil Abloh, Entergalactic is one of Netflix's most gorgeous animated original productions and has been trending on the platform since its premiere last month.
Throughout the special, Jabari is poised to finally get the career break he has been dreaming of all his life. This is complicated by his meeting a young woman named Meadow, who makes Jabari contemplate if he should take the time to pursue a promising romance. A testament to Kid Cudi's artistic vision, Entergalactic is an entertaining showcase for Cudi aficionados and new audiences alike.
Prolific television writer and producer Ryan Murphy reunites with longtime collaborator Evan Peters for the Netflix original miniseries Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The 10-episode series chronicles the notorious serial killer and his bloody crimes across Ohio and Wisconsin from 1978-1991. Since its debut, the series has earned a fair share of controversy over concerns of it exploiting real-life tragedies, but it remains a popular streaming choice on the platform.
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Juxtaposing Dahmer's unhappy childhood with the murders he committed before eventually being discovered and arrested in 1991, the miniseries traces the grim history of Dahmer's activities. Not for the faint of heart, Dahmer provides a true crime portrait of one of America's most infamous murderers. Balancing tragedy and some of the sordid details behind Dahmer's life, the miniseries is a haunting portrait of evil in America.
For a refreshing and heart-warming break from all the horror movies and series on Netflix, the streaming service's ultimate feel-good reality show remains The Great British Baking Show. The 13th season premiered this past September, with new episodes released on the digital platform each Friday. With half of the season available to stream, this weekend marks a fantastic occasion to get caught up on the international cooking phenomenon as the competition intensifies.
Hosted by Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the show assembles a group of amateur bakers to compete in a grand tent in the English countryside. Each week features its own theme as the contestants undertake a variety of challenges to emerge triumphant or be eliminated. An enormous success worldwide, The Great British Baking Show continues to deliver easygoing entertainment as sweet as its signature confectionery.
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Before The Black Phone and Doctor Strange, filmmaker Scott Derrickson and screenwriter C. Robert Cargill teamed up for the terrifying 2012 film Sinister. After the original movie's success, the two reunited to write the 2015 sequel Sinister 2, doubling down on the found footage scares. The sequel is set to leave Netflix next week, making this weekend the last chance to experience the horror movie on the platform.
Following the family massacre from the preceding film, Deputy So-and-So tries to prevent the demonic curse of Bughuul from claiming any more victims. As the deputy learns more about the murderous history behind the unstoppable evil, spectral victims under Bughuul's thrall conspire against him. With even more gruesome kills and tense stakes, Sinister 2 provides the perfect Halloween scares.
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One of Netflix's early original series, Hemlock Grove, is surprisingly set to leave the streaming service next week after first premiering on the platform in 2013. Based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy, with McGreevy serving as a series co-creator, the show was produced by prolific horror filmmaker Eli Roth. Featuring an impressive cast and bloody thrills, the three-season show marked one of Netflix's first original programs to delve deeply into the horror genre.
Set in the small, eponymous town in Pennsylvania, Hemlock Grove dealt with werewolves and other supernatural creatures preying on the townsfolk. Filled with plenty of small-town drama and bloody kills, Hemlock Grove shows an ugly side of Americana framed against the backdrop of a lycanthropic story. Not for the faint of heart, Hemlock Grove is an unflinching take on werewolves and an interesting window into Netflix's initial wave of original programming nearly a decade later.
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