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Oh, baby, this has been a long time coming.

Announced over two years in the past, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Episode 1 may be very a lot the result of the fan love that poured out for Pike, Spock, and Una when they seemed on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2.

That being stated, not anything organized me for the sheer satisfaction of this new collection.

While the most appropriate presents quite a few backstory and context, there’s also a gain to the Big Three being added on Discovery.

Anson Mount’s Pike is a uniquely located Trek person in that we have visible wherein he’s been through his time with Discovery, however we additionally realize wherein he’ll end up due to Star Trek: The Original Series.

Furthermore, while he became with Discovery, he saw his destiny while on Boreth on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 12.

Spock: Sir, I could recommend information of loss of life is critical for powerful leadership.

Pike: Knowledge is one aspect, Spock, however I experienced it. How will it stay in me? Will it make me hesitant? Cautious? Not careful enough? I’m already 2nd-guessing myself, and that’s the remaining aspect a captain can afford.

That experience has changed him and may have possible repercussions on how he lives the following decade of his existence.

Already, he’s thinking whether he wants to remain in Starfleet.

When Admiral April remembers him from his mountain guy recluse existence, he’s no longer even willing to step lower back in to shop Una.

Pike: Send someone else. You don’t need me in control of that deliver.

April: You’re getting us stressed. You don’t want you in command.

I respect that they establish the Enterprise’s subculture of captains with a singularity of vision and backbone.

Canonically, Robert April become the U.S.Enterprise’s first captain. His refusal to just accept Pike’s refusal is in line with a captain who knows his team member is capable of more than they recognize themselves.

Throughout the top-quality, viewers are reminded that that is very tons a spin-off, that Strange New Worlds would no longer exist if not for Discovery.

Pike’s revel in on Boreth is most effective the first.

Pike: I asked the way you have been, Spock.

Spock: I am properly, Captain, although I confess on every occasion I return to area, the burden I convey for the lack of my sister feels heavier.

Pike: I’m sorry. I miss her too.

Upon reuniting with Spock on the Enterprise (after interrupting a tryst I will talk about extra later), they each take a second to renowned the lack of Michael Burnham and the crew of Discovery.

And then, while they arrive at Kylie 279, it’s handiest to research that the entire situation resulted from them sending Discovery into the destiny on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Episode 14.

But lower back to Spock.

T’Pring! Right? Who else become totally tickled by means of watching Vulcans flirt?

T’Pring: Don’t.

Spock: I need to. I took an oath.

T’Pring: As you just did to me.

Spock: Matrimony and responsibility. They two will complement each other.

T’Pring: I remain skeptical.

Of all of the characters we likely didn’t count on to ought to conflict with a piece-life stability, Spock might be near the top of the listing.

Now that he has a totally Vulcan fiancée to recall, Spock’s lifestyles has the ability for plenty more situational comedy than analytical drama.

Pike: Spock. Are you bare?

Spock: No, Captain.

T’Pring: No Chris, he’s now not. He became about to be. It’s a special night time.

Keeping in mind Spock’s 1/2-human heritage which may additionally or might not have been the foundation of what T’Pring in the destiny this is Star Trek: The Original Series does — IYKYK — I can’t wait to look how he navigates the intricacies of an intimate, dedicated relationship.

Strange New Worlds also keeps the Trek culture of speaking to cutting-edge problems.

Playing with shades of Fredric Brown’s short tale “The Weapon,” the task to Kylie 279 entails a relatively primitive society discovering the name of the game to warp pressure handiest to show it into a warp bomb rather.

The electricity you’re harnessing can bridge the distance between worlds, but its ability for destruction can’t be underestimated.

To make certain, it’s wonderful that they were capable of opposite-engineer a be counted-antimatter reactor from watching a fleet of ships travelling via area a light-year away. However, given their preoccupation with battle, it’s very much a case of giving paintballers loaded system guns.

Pike: You’ll recall that once elephants combat, it’s the grass that suffers. The Kikuyu people of Kenya Africa on Earth, they educate us that lesson every day.

Kylien Leader: You’ve given me a proverb. Which is less beneficial than a huge stick. Whoever has the biggest stick wins.

All this tests Pike’s ideas as each a Starfleet officer and a person of reason.

His direct approach in coping with the Kyliens is something we haven’t seen considering the fact that TOS Kirk. James T. Kirk, to be clean.

To be fair, he doesn’t so much preach (as Kirk sometimes did) as he educates and illustrates.

And at the same time as a single script isn’t an excessive amount of to head on, it’s captivating to word that he says the identical thing to each the Kyliens and La’an.

“The choice is yours.”

Of the brand new crew contributors brought, one is straight away intrigued through La’an. And you’re supposed to be.

When Pike is drawing near the Enterprise, it’s La’an’s record that he’s studying at the shuttle. (Shuttle STAMETS, did you notice?)

La’an is front and middle from the beginning, taking Una’s vicinity as First Officer even as they are attempting to find and rescue Una.

So whilst her history of captivity, trauma, and survival factors Pike closer to an answer, it’s now not surprising, but is it ever engaging.

Spock: They’ve grow to be used to episodes of violence for centuries. The actual price of a civil struggle is summary.

La’an: Not believing you’re gonna die is what receives you killed.

It’s additionally clever how they’ve already drawn Una and La’an into parallel. In a current roundtable interview, Rebecca Romijn commented that Una’s dating with La’an is deeply essential to Number One.

La’an’s remaining name is Noonien-Singh, a truth that precipitated a stir when the brand new solid’s characters’ names had been introduced last year.

With that closing call, she is manifestly associated with Khan, who, at this point, ought to be in stasis aboard the SS Botany Bay, having escaped the Eugenics Wars with his contingent of followers.

But the call is a piece like being named Hitler or Mussolini in our global. It comes with a variety of luggage.

I suspect that gaining knowledge of of her experiences with the Gorn foreshadows a few destiny journey. I’ll also admit to being a piece freaked out via the concept of Gorn planetary nurseries and victims becoming egg sacks. For a cheery and upbeat display (thus far), La’an’s proving to be the shadow that shows the shine.

Earth. The dust and sky is my fireside, but Enterprise is my domestic. We can pass ahead collectively, understanding that something shadows we convey with us, they make the light all the brighter. I am a fortunate man.

By all measures, this is a triumph of a surest. Cast, script, context, and messaging are all on-factor.

Can the relaxation of the season live as much as this primary supplying?

Who stood out maximum for you? Personally, I’m obsessed on getting to know extra about Ortegas, in particular after actress Melissa Navia shared how approach she’s been about flying the starship.

Was Samuel Kirk a gleeful wonder? How will he play into the crew’s dynamic, do you observed?

My largest OMG second changed into seeing Colonel Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut, and wellknown all-round celeb, at the crew as Pike offers his assignment speech.

After Stacey Abrams’s look on Star Trek: Discovery Season four Episode 13, I didn’t suppose they could thrill me extra with a cameo, but there you pass.


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