The Prosecutor’s Office will investigate Lim and Mendes for the management of the Valencia transfers after the complaint by a former vice president



Miguel Zoro denounced the maximum shareholder, the agent and the presidents, Layhoon and Salvo, for the alleged crimes of false accounting, corruption between individuals and against the Treasury

Peter Lim and his wife on one of their first visits to Mestalla.

The Economic Crimes section of the Provincial Prosecutor of Valencia has opened investigative proceedings against peter lim, jorge mendes, layhoon chan and Amadeo Salvo for the alleged crimes of false accounting, corruption between individuals and against the public Treasury for the facts denounced by the former vice president Miguel Zoro before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor last January.

These “pre-trial” investigative proceedings mean that the designated prosecutor will have six months to collect all the information, “with as many actions as necessary”, in order to determine whether the facts denounced by the person leading the opposition current Valencianist tide they fit into the criminal category and, therefore, can be constitutive of those crimes.

The first fact reported by Zoro on January 31 is “the illegal transfer of players between the FC Barcelona and the Valencia CF“for which Net and Cillessen They were sold “for a price outside the market to prevent Peter Lim from having to face more than 30 million euros of losses in the Valencian club’s income statement.” According to the former vice-president in the complaint, “the directors of FC Barcelona benefited from this same accounting device, and all with the relaxed gaze of the LFP.” “It is a crime of false accounting for which the leaders and owners of Italian Juventus have already been sanctioned and removed from management. Specifically, the crimes range from fictitious capital gains, false accounting, market manipulation and fraudulent tax returns In addition, the two clubs thus bypassed the financial control of the LFP and thus avoided closing the financial year with losses and seeing their ability to spend on the squad penalized.”

The second alleged crime focuses on the purchases and sales of players made by Peter Lim. Zoro recalls that in just one year Valencia CF spent 211 million euros on players, “something only within the reach of Chelsea, City or PSG”. “The strangest thing of all is that, for example, of the signings of I cancel, andr gomez, Enzo Prez and Rodrigowhich cost Valencia CF 95 million euros, almost 35 million euros went to the hands of the participating agents (transfer expenses are called by Benfica in the documentation it presents to the Lisbon Stock Exchange. Benfica thus saved its bankruptcy and received financial assistance from Peter Lim and Jorge Mendes at the expense of Valencia CF)”.

The participation of investment funds and clubs linked to Jorge Mendes are the ones that focus the crimes of unfair administration and corruption between individuals: Benfica Stars Fund either Quality Sports Investments. “All this with the help of the President of Valencia CF at all times, and with the approval of the club’s de facto administrator, Peter Lim”

In addition, Zoro asked the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the damage that occurred to Valencia CF and the club’s Foundation in the purchase of the shares that Amadeo Salvo provided to Peter Lim. The complaint defends that the price paid by the Singaporean businessman entailed “an underestimation of 67 million euros on the valuation of assets carried out at that time by the LFP itself.” He also defends that the purchase could have been financed with the extra price placed on the players bought and sold by Valencia CF in the Lim era.

In this investigation, the Prosecutor’s Office can urge, as Zoro requests, Valencia CF and the rest of the clubs, agents and organizations to present the bank statements of the operations, the commercial documentation of the transfers, the contracts of the players and agents involved. , the LFP reports that endorse the binding appraisals, the payments to all the companies directly or indirectly related to those involved and the collection of fees, expenses and salaries of the presidents of the Meriton stage club, also included in the stage that the SAD’s own statutes prohibited receiving any remuneration. Miguel Zoro also requested that a report be requested from the legal services of the RFEF on the responsibility watching of the LFP and the players’ agents.

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