The legend of Michael Block ‘continues to evolve’ with this unreal shot from the bridge at Charles Schwab

Block’s party continues on the bridge.

Michael Block, the club pro who achieved international fame in last week’s PGA Championship, found his drive in a precarious position during his first round of Thursday’s Charles Schwab Challenge.

At the 10th hole, the par 4 385 yards, the fairway ran out around the 270 yard mark, forcing touring players to hit less than the tee from the driver. The penalty area is just outside the fairway.

As a result, Block pushed his 3 sticks to the right and had an unfortunate bounce as the ball continued to roll down the path of the cart.

His tee shot stopped over the bridge, which crossed the penalty area that split the 10th.

“That’s the worst tee shot I’ve ever hit in my life,” muttered Block when caught on camera by Golf Channel.

Because the bridge crosses the penalty area, Block cannot receive a free relief, according to Clay Neely, the PGA Official who made the decision.

Had Block fallen he would have been scored a penalty stroke as his tee shot ended in the red betting area.

But Block didn’t want to take a penalty shot, so he made the most of the situation.

He took a wedge from his bag, played a shot from the bridge, somehow avoiding trees and branches, and landed his ball 48 feet from the flag on the fairway onto the green.

“Oh come on now,” said Golf Channel’s Terry Gannon after Block hit his second at 10 minutes. “Just add to legend. It keeps growing.”

Block, who received a congratulatory message from Michael Jordan, echoed the basketball legend by shrugging in disbelief as he walked off the bridge where he played his shot.

“Better than taking a penalty, right?” Block said to the audience watching him take this shot.

Despite reaching par at 10, Block struggled during his first round in the Charles Schwab Challenge. He shot 11-over and was in last place. So, perhaps the legend will not continue much longer.

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