Tebas defends himself after the racist controversy with Vinicius: "Madrid did not join any of the complaints from LaLiga"



The president of LaLiga defended his work and that of the Spanish organization against racism. “I was wrong when I answered Vinicius. I understand that he is frustrated because he doesn’t know the competitions, but I do.”

Thebes, at a press conference.
Thebes, at a press conference.FERNANDO ALVARADOEFE
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“I will submit to all the questions you ask me.” Open in channel. That’s how it showed javier thebesPresident of The leaguein his first public appearance after all the world polemic created as a result of racist insults suffered by Vinicius Jnior in mestalla last Sunday, the tenth time that the Brazilian player is the subject of it. At the LaLiga headquarters, more than 50 meansnational and international, many of them arrived from Brazil, and joined almost 100 through online transmission.

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Thebes, which on Monday hastened to reply to Vinicius through his social networkswanted to start with a small personal reflection before being questioned by the media, summarizing his relationship with the Brazilian since he arrived in Spain, recalling that “when they asked me who could replace Messi as a figure in the League, I said that without a doubt Vinicius“. “That surprised, but I have always highlighted him. be ballon d’or. He is a very important asset for his club and for Spanish football.”

Later, the president of LaLiga went ahead to remember everything that his organization has done to try to stop racist insults in Spanish football. “We have a very important history fighting against racism and against any serious cry that is made in the stadiums. Before, racist and homophobic shouts were sung in stadiums, I remember Robert Carloscomplete stadiums, to Cristiano Ronaldoto Messishouts of “subnormal Messi”, and we insisted from LaLiga that this had to disappear, and it did”.

Thebes, who asked for “more skills“, he also remembered the “personal cost” that those decisions had caused him: “Some presidents said that we pretended that the stadiums were an opera. We won that battle and not without personal cost, because I had to carry an escortthey harassed me at home, but we did it.”

Questioned by the Brazilian press, Tebas confessed that “I did not want to criticize Vinicius. It could be that it was my mistake, for me this fight against racism has been like that all my life”. It’s normal for him to be frustrated and I don’t know who has powers, but I am frustrated because I know that I know”.

Thebes admitted that “I have not spoken with Vinicius during these days“. “I think it is better that this calms down, I think that now he was not going to contribute, but I have no problem talking to his environment. I am sure and I hope and want him to continue in Spanish football, I want to show him that if we have the skills to fight against racism, this will end.”

The president of LaLiga also criticized Madrid, who denounced the events at Mestalla but “did not join any of the previous complaints from LaLiga about the racist insults to Vinicius.” “You don’t fight racism for one or two days“, he declared, and recalled that “on the subject of the Vinicius doll hanging from the Valdebebas bridge, the only personage was LaLiga“.

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