Rodrygo’s ‘black power’ knocks out Rayo under the support of Vinicius

LaLiga Santander 2022 – 2023


The Brazilian occupies the left of Vinicius and unbalances a hypotensive game with his quality (2-1). RDT equalizes after a disputed first goal

Rodrygo raises his fist after his goal.
Rodrygo raises his fist after his goal.JAVIER SORIANOAFP

The football week has been eaten by the case Vinicius, especially in an offended Madrid without objectives, because being second is not an objective for this club, it is something else. Under the no to racism that runs through the playing fields and the fields of politics, Vini appeared in the box, together with its president, already an icon of the fight against this scourge. The Bernabéu was more to support than to celebrate in one of those games that cause hypotension in Madrid, but in which Vinicius’s twin, by nationality, age and race, played his partner, on the left, and himself for decide the clash and raise the same fist as Tommie Smith and John Carlos in ’68. It was the ‘black power’ of Rodrygothe black power of the Bernabéu.

Rodrygo was the one who rebelled the most against the lack of motivation suffered by the greats when the pieces no longer appear in their sights. The goal with which he broke the tie that, minutes before, he had achieved Raul de Tomas, He was one of those who discovered two of his best qualities: that sliding overflow, as if he were skating, and the hit. He was able to score much earlier, in the first half, but he was prevented by a slip on this grass that the works have not allowed to set.

With knee problems and in the middle of an emotional volcano, ancelotti He had already warned that he would leave the Brazilian out of the call. On the other hand, in the rest there were not many more concessions. Kroos and Modric They were in the center of the field, but with camavinga as third man. Everything indicates that it is one of the changes that come in the transition entrusted to the Italian. Above all, when observing who was the left back: rudiger. It is not an unknown position for the German, but it is not the one that his conditions make the most of. valverde I was going back to the right.


Rayo tried at the start to fish in Madrid’s circumstances, with very high pressure. those of Iraola they make many transitions from the robberies. They don’t entertain the ball. comesaña tried to Courtois in shots, because Rayo lacked the precision of the last pass. TO Camel The ball got tangled when he was looking for a heeled pass in the area. At the Bernabéu he was looking for one of his last options to get closer to seventh place in search of the last ticket to Europe, but he needed to be more hurtful, since he was able to travel at the Bernabéu better than other times, with many spaces. The problem for the rayistas is that those spaces were also for Madrid. If quality is left room, the best always win. Rodrygo is quality in a bottle of essences.

There was quality in the action of the first goal, both in Valverde’s pass and in the definition of Benzemabut the reality is that this time the best were also the smartest. Gil Manzano decreed a neutral dribble and Madrid understood that the first touch belonged to them, since these actions are not disputed as in the past, but are initiated by whoever was in possession of the ball when the referee interrupted the game. The Lightning believed, of the same, that it belonged to him and was therefore without tension. In two touches he was behind on the scoreboard. Only the protest remained.

Without real threats from the visitors or more intensity from the locals, the game was activated thanks to the departure of RDT, who demonstrated his trade as a striker with a reception and a hit. Rodrygo said minutes later to the tie as if he were shouting in silence, fist raised.

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