[IS Paju] ‘Break Tottenham’ Yang Hyun-jun also recognized the highest level of competition… “It’s really not that easy.”


Yang Hyeon-jun (21, Gangwon FC) talked about the difficulties of competition.

On the 16th, Yang Hyun-joon faced reporters at the NFC (National Football Team Training Center) in Paju and said, “You have to show a good appearance to go to the Asian Games. He needs to be in better shape in the league.” 

Yang Hyun-jun played a big role against Tottenham, who visited Korea on a pre-season tour last year. He broke down the Tottenham defense line by showing off his outstanding dribbling ability and instantly rose to stardom. He continued his fierce momentum in the K League and even won the Young Player Award. 

However, at the beginning of this season, it was a bit sluggish. He also suffered from a fractured nose and other hardships. It is only recently that advantages such as dribbling have been revived. He said, “It seems that I am showing a better appearance than the beginning as I feel better during the weekday game. He still thinks it’s not enough. We need to show that we can help the team by raising the sense of the game.” 

Hyunjun Yang. (Photo = KFA)

Yang Hyeon-jun is a top-notch winger in the league who has also been on the adult national team. However, he cannot guarantee participation in the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September. This is because competition for the second line within the U-24 (under 24 years old) Asian Games team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong is fierce. 

In addition to Yang Hyeon-jun, the league’s top wingers such as Um Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), Um Ji-seong (Gwangju FC), and Song Min-gyu (Jeonbuk Hyundai) were included. In addition, if foreign players such as Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) and Jung Woo-young (Freiburg) join ahead of the Asian Games, the number of second-tier players will be further reduced. 

Parties are also feeling the fierce competition. Yang Hyun-joon said, “It’s really not easy. All the players who said they were really good in the K-League came. I think if I appeal my strengths to the coach and adapt to the team little by little, I will be able to go through competition.” 

It must be a burden. However, Yang Hyeon-joon is learning how to overcome the burden while receiving public attention since last year. He said, “I am trying to enjoy the burden little by little. Under such pressure, if I don’t do well, he thinks he’s just that kind of player. He tries to look better,” he said. “I try to immerse myself in the game. He is doing it while having the thought, ‘It’s nothing special’. He is doing it with the mindset to do it as usual.” 

To capture the heart of coach Hwang Seon-hong, you need to appeal to your strengths in addition to your performance in the league. Hyunjun Yang said, “He emphasized his aggressive movement and speed. He is a confident part, so I think he should appeal more,” he laughed.


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