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Spirit Untamed movie

Hello and welcome to this article about Spirit Untamed, the latest movie created by DreamWorks Animation. As a writer who’s passionate about movies, I wanted to share with you some information about this new animated adventure.

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Spirit Untamed is a movie that tells the story of Lucky Prescott, a young girl who moves to the countryside to live with her father. There, she meets a wild mustang named Spirit, whom she befriends and eventually helps protect from a group of horse wranglers. The movie is directed by Elaine Bogan and co-directed by Ennio Torresan Jr., and features the voices of Isabela Merced, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Julianne Moore.

The movie was released on June 4, 2021, and has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It’s a heartwarming story about friendship, bravery, and standing up for what’s right, and is perfect for families and kids who love horses and adventure.

Throughout the movie, we see Lucky and Spirit go on exciting journeys, meet new friends, and overcome obstacles together. We also get to see the beautiful landscapes of the countryside, as well as the amazing bond that can exist between a human and an animal.

Overall, Spirit Untamed is a wonderful movie that’s sure to leave a lasting impression on its viewers.


  • Q: Is Spirit Untamed a sequel to another movie?

    A: No, Spirit Untamed is a standalone movie and does not have any direct connection to any other movie or TV show.

  • Q: Is Spirit Untamed appropriate for young children?

    A: Yes, the movie is rated PG and is suitable for all ages, although some scenes may be intense for very young viewers.

  • Q: Is Spirit a real horse?

    A: No, Spirit is a fictional character created for the movie.

  • Q: Is there any humor in the movie?

    A: Yes, there are some funny moments in the movie that will make both kids and adults laugh.

  • Q: Is the animation of the movie good?

    A: Yes, the animation is top-notch and features beautiful landscapes, detailed character designs, and fluid movements.

  • Q: Is the soundtrack of the movie good?

    A: Yes, the movie features a great soundtrack that complements the story and adds to the emotional moments.

  • Q: Is there a message in the movie?

    A: Yes, the movie promotes values such as friendship, courage, and compassion, and encourages viewers to stand up for what’s right.

  • Q: Is there any merchandise available for the movie?

    A: Yes, there are various toys, books, and clothing items available for purchase related to the movie.

Pros and Cons


  • The movie has a heartwarming story that promotes good values.
  • The animation is top-notch and features beautiful landscapes and detailed character designs.
  • The voice acting is great, with Isabela Merced delivering a standout performance as Lucky.
  • The movie has a great soundtrack that adds to the emotional moments.


  • The movie may be too predictable for some viewers.
  • Some scenes may be intense for very young viewers.
  • The movie may not be suitable for those who are not interested in horses or adventure stories.


If you’re planning on watching Spirit Untamed, here are some tips:

  • Watch the movie with your family or friends to fully enjoy the experience.
  • Pay attention to the details in the animation, as there are many hidden Easter eggs and references to other movies and TV shows.
  • Listen to the soundtrack after watching the movie to relive the emotional moments.
Closing Thoughts

Spirit Untamed is a great movie that’s perfect for families and kids who love horses and adventure. It has a heartwarming story, top-notch animation, and great voice acting and soundtrack. If you’re looking for a movie that will leave you feeling happy and inspired, then Spirit Untamed is definitely worth watching.

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