Why The Old Sonic Movie Design Was A Big Mistake

What was wrong with visual design of 'sonic the Hedgehog' and Why? Quora
What was wrong with visual design of 'sonic the Hedgehog' and Why? Quora from www.quora.com

The Backstory

In 2019, Paramount Pictures released the first trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. And fans were not happy. The design of Sonic was a far cry from the beloved video game character that fans had grown up with. Sonic had human-like teeth, muscular legs, and a strange body shape that just didn’t look right. Fans took to social media to express their disappointment, and the backlash was intense.

The Redesign

Paramount listened to the fans and decided to redesign Sonic. The release date of the movie was pushed back, and the studio spent millions of dollars to fix the design. The new Sonic was much closer to the video game version, and fans were thrilled. When the movie was finally released in 2020, it was a huge success.

The Problems with the Old Design

So, what was so bad about the old Sonic design? Well, for starters, it just didn’t look like Sonic. The video game character is known for his round body, spiky hair, and big eyes. The old design had none of those things. Instead, it looked like someone had taken a human body and slapped some blue fur on it.

But it wasn’t just the aesthetics of the old design that were problematic. The design also raised some uncomfortable questions. For example, why did Sonic have human-like teeth? And why did he have such muscular legs? The old design made Sonic look like some sort of weird hybrid creature, which was a major turn-off for fans.

The Importance of Good Character Design

The Sonic movie debacle highlights the importance of good character design. A character’s appearance is often the first thing that audiences notice, and it can make or break a movie. In the case of Sonic, the old design was so off-putting that it turned fans away from the movie before they had even seen it.

Good character design is also essential for building a connection between the audience and the character. When a character looks relatable and appealing, it’s easier for audiences to empathize with them and become invested in their story. The old Sonic design failed on both counts.

The Lessons Learned

The Sonic movie saga is a cautionary tale for filmmakers and studios. It shows that listening to fans is crucial, especially when it comes to beloved franchises. It also highlights the importance of good character design and how it can make or break a movie.

But perhaps most importantly, the Sonic movie saga shows that mistakes can be corrected. Paramount could have stubbornly stuck with the old Sonic design, but they chose to listen to their audience and fix the problem. And in the end, it paid off.


In 2023, the old Sonic movie design is a distant memory. The movie has become a classic, and fans love the new and improved Sonic. But the saga serves as a reminder of the importance of good character design and the power of the audience. Filmmakers and studios would do well to remember these lessons as they create new movies and bring beloved characters to life.

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