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that allowed her to take off in her acting career until she became a Hollywood icon. If he recently shone by reviving ‘Neo’ in the fourth installment of ‘Maxtrix’ (2021), he will now return in style with the second part of ‘Constantine’.

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Almost two decades after the premiere of the first part (2005), Reeves will give life to the famous exorcist again, bringing the adventures of the fictional character created by DC Comics back to the cinema, as confirmed in an interview for ‘Total Film’.

In this talk, 58-year-old Keanu revealed how he ended up convincing the producers and Warner Bros until he got the go-ahead for the sequel, at the request of millions of fans on the planet. The protagonist of other successful sagas such as ‘John Wick’, assured that it was a matter of insisting quite frequently until he got away with it.

Keanu Reeves in the first part of 'Constantine' (2006).  (Photo: Warner Bros.)

Keanu Reeves in the first part of ‘Constantine’ (2006). (Photo: Warner Bros.)

“I’d put on an Oliver Twist voice and beg them, ‘Please, can I have more?’ And he asked them every year, but they refused. I don’t know if it was a work in progress, but it was certainly a role that I loved. And I’ve always thought that Francis Lawrence, our director, did a terrific job. I loved playing the character and I really enjoyed the movie,” he stated.

He also adds that he will do his part so that this new experience is also to the liking of the fans. “It’s very exciting, I think we have an open field of play that will allow us to do something very original. I’m looking forward to getting into it. We really don’t know how things are going to go, but I will do my best to make this dream come true.”

It should be noted, as in the successful first film in the saga, the continuation of the story will be directed by Francis Lawrence, while the cast of actors is analyzed and where the plot will turn is kept under lock and key.


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