Time for Mia to Get Out of the Fast & Furious Franchise

Jordan BrewsterMia Toretto is an important figure in fast and roaring franchise. As one of the few characters from the original 2001 film to still appear in the latest installments viewers have watched him grow and develop in over 20 years, he is a constant reminder of how far the franchise has come. However, his appearance on X fastsadly, highlighting that the time has come for the character to be written out of the series for the sake of his story and that of his partner, the deceased. Paul Walkerfrom Brian O’Conner.

Mia’s History in the Fast & Furious Franchise

Brian and Mia Together in 2001's The Fast and The Furious
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In the Fast and furious Mia is the first member of the family that Toretto finds to meet Brian, who has made himself a regular at the family-run grocery store. As he ingratiates himself with the rest of the family, he and Mia begin a romantic relationship. This causes her to be heartbroken when Brian reveals that he is an undercover police officer investigating to see if Mia’s brother, Dom (Win Diesel) and his team are responsible for a series of daring highway robberies.


However, Mia is able to put her hurt feelings aside, and works with Brian to save Dom and his friends when their latest heist endangers their lives. She remained angry with Brian for five years and told him as much when they reunited in 2009 Fast and full of energy. In the film Dom and Brian are forced to work together to bring down the drug cartel they believe is responsible for the death of Dom’s girlfriend Leticia “Letty” Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). While Brian was working with Dom Mia started to forgive him and eventually the couple resumed their relationship.

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How Does The Fast & Furious Franchise Handle Brian’s Shipment?

Paul Walker CGI in emotional release in Furious 7
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In the 2011s Quick Fivewhile on the run after freeing Dom from prison, Mia reveals that she is pregnant and she gave birth to her and Brian’s son, Jack, in 2013. Angry 6. In the 2015s Angry 7 she finds out that she is pregnant again but hesitates to tell Brian because she is afraid he will grow tired of their family and start to miss his adventurous outlaw lifestyle. Eventually, she informed him that she was carrying a baby girl when she was concerned about the team’s mission to take down Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) could cost Brian his life. Brian was overjoyed at the news and confirmed that he was very happy with his life with Mia. The film ends by showing Brian retiring from a life of criminals to devote himself to fatherhood in a heartfelt and avowed tribute to Walker, who died before the film was finished.

While it’s a bit unfortunate that Brian’s delivery essentially also kicks Mia out of the series, doing so is the most natural and effective way to give the character a happy ending after Walker’s death. Both characters are completely absent from 2017 The Fate of the Angry Manwith Letty (who is revealed to be alive in Angry 6) notes that the team has agreed not to involve them in any further missions and the group sticks to this deal, even when Dom’s betrayal puts them at a disadvantage. In the F9: Quick Saga Letty contradicts herself and contacts Mia for help with the team’s current crisis. While this raises some questions as to why Brian isn’t involved, this is easily dismissed since the film’s antagonist is Dom and Mia’s estranged brother, Jakob (John Cena). Because of this, it’s easy for viewers to accept that Mia feels the need to involve herself, perhaps leaving Brian to watch over the kids.

Mia’s role in ‘Fast X’ is awkward

Mia’s role in X fast much more awkward. Brewster only has a glorified cameo count in the new film, with Mia called in to watch Dom’s son Brian Marcos (Leo Abelo Perry) as Dom and Letty set out to fight Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa). Mia and young Brian play video games until they are attacked by mercenaries working for Dante. Mia fights some of the men but ends up being overwhelmed when she and Brian are rescued by a reformed Jakob. Afterwards, Mia leaves her nephew in Jakob’s care, saying that she will check on Brian O’Conner and their children. Mia’s role doesn’t contribute anything significant to the plot, as young Brian could have been given to Jakob as soon as Dom and company found out about Dante’s threat nor did it develop his character in any meaningful way.

Additionally, the reference to Brian O’Conner highlights the disconnect between the film’s continuity and reality in an uncomfortable way. Despite his desire to leave the criminal’s life behind, it is out of character for Brian not to get involved in the fight against Dante, given the threat the villain poses to his found family members. It’s even scarier to see Mia in danger when her partner seems to be safe off-screen somewhere. The majority of the audience, or at least the teens and adults, are likely aware of Walker’s death, so they know why Brian can’t come to the rescue, but this relies on behind-the-scenes knowledge that reduces immersion in the world. story.

To avoid these kinds of uncomfortable distractions, it’s sadly for the best that future films don’t include the character of Mia, save for perhaps one return in the franchise’s actual final installment. This way the viewer can go back to imagining that she is safe and happy with Brian without being constantly reminded about the real-life tragedies that prevent her from appearing in new films.

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