10 Lowest Rated TV Shows Redditors Enjoy

Hey, TV fanatics! Have you ever taken a chance on a show the critics raved about, but Redditors raved about? The term “guilty pleasure” came about for a reason. There are tons of shows out there with below average ratings that a lot of people enjoy – from Timeless to Flaked, and beyond.

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For all you party watchers out there, this list is for you. In a spirit of going against the grain, let’s take a look at the 10 lowest-rated shows from the last decade or so that Redditors continue to love. From comedy to drama and more, get ready to learn more about why this show is gaining acclaim on Reddit even when it may have failed in other ways.



10 ‘Without Time’ (2016-2018)


Eternal, mentioned by Redditor Gili_RH is a show that follows a trio of unlikely heroes as they try to prevent villains from changing the course of human history. Despite the low ratings, the show still manages to impress audiences with its thrilling and fast-paced stories.

What Redditors really impressed was the show’s witty writing, which skilfully explores the intricacies of time travel and delves into the rich backstories of the characters. This attention to detail adds depth and substance to the plot, making Timeless an incredibly enjoyable watch that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

9 ‘Baby Daddy’ (2012-2017)

Danny, Riley, Ben, Bonnie and Tuck christen Emma in Baby Daddy

You might think that with a 4.6 rating on IMDB the only way is down – but intrepid Redditors like oitnbbeautyfish have found some gems on shows with lower ratings. Take Baby daddy for example, a show that follows the single life of Ben, who unexpectedly finds himself responsible for raising his daughter. Despite its ratings, the show won over audiences with its whimsical humor and charming characters.

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The show follows Ben and his close friends, including his brother Danny, best friend Tucker and Riley, his ex-girlfriend who is also the mother of the baby. Through their misadventures, the group comes together to care for Ben’s daughter and give her all the nurturing and love she needs to thrive – along with lots of laughs!

8 ‘Without Limits’ (2015-2017)

Without Borders' (2015 - 2016) (1)

Another TV show that has surprisingly gotten some love from Redditor drjallz is Infinite. This show, starring Jake McDorman, who played Brian Finch, surprised many fans when he was only given one season on CBS. Nonetheless, the show made its mark on Reddit and was actually very well-received by redditors.

Limitless follows Brian Finch who discovers the power of a mysterious drug called NZT – giving him enhanced cognition and enhanced problem-solving skills. With this newfound superpower, he is assigned to assist FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) solves the toughest cases the agency has ever handled. The show received positive reviews for its unique storyline and entertaining performances by a cast of likable characters.

7 ‘Red Band Society’ (2014-2015)

Red Ribbon Association

In terms of the lowest-rated shows Redditors are still enjoying, Red Ribbon Association is the obvious choice. Although the show was canceled after only one season, it attracted some as passionate fans as ItchyEdge5. Red Band Society follows a group of teenagers living in a hospital’s children’s ward. While the show often tackles difficult topics such as death, disability, bullying and abuse, it’s also incredibly funny and moving.

Many users on Reddit loved the show for its genuine emotional moments and heartfelt performances by its talented young cast. Many posts touch on how powerful it is to see these kids take control of their lives and make something positive out of a bad situation. In short, The Red Band Society may only last one season but its impact is felt in the Reddit community.

6 ‘Raising Hope’ (2010-2014)

The Chances look ahead in Raising Hope

You may have heard of it Lifting Hope, a show about a young man who has to take care of a baby born from a one-night stand with a criminal. While not achieving the same level of success as other sitcoms, such as Redditors, takemystrife at r/TvShows found something special in the show.

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It has several elements that make it stand out from other sitcoms — the writing is smart and funny, and the characters relatable. The show also tackles some tough topics like poverty and single parenting in an honest way. The family dynamic between Jimmy Chance and his eccentric relative is both entertaining and endearing, which is why it’s easy to understand why Redditors have grown to love this underrated gem.

5 ‘Young and Hungry’ (2014-2018)

Young and Hungry

Redditor ItchyEdge5 also mentioned, “Loved watching Young and Hungry on Sundays!” for a romantic comedy series. A show about a young food blogger and his culinary adventures, Young and Hungry ran for five seasons. This is a beautiful bromance between the main character, Gabi, played by Emily Osment and his tech entrepreneur boss Josh, played by Jonathan Sadowski.

Fans of the show love how it follows two individuals’ journeys to success on their own terms. Gabi tries to build her dream career as a chef while Josh works his way up in the business world. They learn from each other and grow with each other’s support. Despite the drama and romance, there is always a lesson to be learned at the end of every episode no matter how ridiculous it is.

4 ‘Scorpion’ (2014-2018)


Scorpion… Loved the show, Has so much potential,” said Redditor jambez001. The show follows the lives of a team of geniuses as they use their unique skills to solve complex global problems. The show received an IMDb rating of 6.9 and a metacritical score of 62% While the score isn’t high, Reddit users have praised the show for its entertaining plot, great action sequences, and witty dialogue.

What makes Scorpion stand out from other shows is its compelling cast and story. Ryan O’Neal depicts Walter O’Brien, a genius-level hacker who leads a team of other geniuses who work together to save lives and solve problems. In addition, the show explores Walter’s personal struggles with his past, his love life, and his difficult relationship with his family.

So even though Scorpion didn’t get rave reviews from critics, it stuck around.

3 ‘Melissa & Joey’ (2010-2015)

Melissa and Joey

You might not expect people to watch a show about a former political power player who meets his match with an unconventional nanny, but Melissa & Joey is a classic sitcom that ranks as one of the lowest rated TV shows Redditors enjoy like Real_Space_Captain.

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The show stars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence as the titular characters. With slapstick humor, witty dialogue, and lighthearted storylines, Melissa & Joey could find its niche in the hearts of many fans – even if critics weren’t too keen on it. Ultimately, Melissa & Joey’s ability to make viewers laugh and sometimes cry despite low ratings is what makes it really stand out from the crowd.

2 ‘Kyle XY’ (2006-2009)

Kyle XY

Kyle XY. It’s hot trash but I love it,” a Redditor told BasicallyJustAPotato for the show, which premiered in 2006 and ended in 2009 after 3 brilliant seasons. So what makes Kyle XY special? It uniquely blends sci-fi and drama — with Kyle becoming a kind of amnesiac super baby, complete with special abilities that make fans want to watch episode after episode.

The show touches on topics such as family dynamics, unconditional love, destiny vs. free will, human behavior, and maturity. This event also discussed important issues such as acceptance and discrimination. Fans of the series appreciate how carefully this topic is explored through the interesting storylines and characters they can relate to.

1 ‘Chipped’ (2016-2017)


We rounded up our list with comedy series chipped. Despite its low 6.3 rating, Redditor 666tkn still seems to be enjoying this show about Chip, an alcoholic and smooth talker who finds himself in awkward situations in the beautiful seaside town of Venice Beach, California.

Chipped off is a great example of an underrated show that proves low ratings don’t always tell the full story. It has an 81% on Rotten Tomatoes from viewership, and many Redditors praise its down-to-earth vibe and engaging characters.

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