Nope Movie Release Date Revealed



If you haven’t heard of Nope yet, you are in for a treat. The horror movie is directed by Jordan Peele, who reimagined the summer movie with Get Out and Us. Now, the director is back with Nope, a new sprawling horror epic that reunites Peele with Keke Palmer, Daniel Kaluuya, and Alice. Read on to learn more about the cast and release date for Nope.

Universal Pictures

The studio tour for Jordan Peele’s horror flick Nope has finally been revealed. The horror film will include IMAX sequences. The release date is set for July 22. EW has the scoop on the new movie. Universal will feature a Nope set during its studio tour. If you’re eagerly awaiting the release, be sure to keep reading to get all the details. If you’re not yet a fan of the horror genre, “Nope” may be worth a try.

Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun

Nope, the upcoming film by Jordan Peele, stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. Yeun plays the role of Ricky “Jupe” Park, a former child actor and reality TV star who owns and operates a theme park. The plot focuses on how the two intersect. It’s unclear yet how these stories are related, but the trailer certainly gives us a look at what’s to come.

Jordan Peele

The Nope trailer dropped in June 2022, giving viewers the first look at the film’s twisted plot. Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya star as a brother and sister who work on a horse training ranch. They come up with a plan to capture the first authentic footage of aliens in flight. While their plan falls apart, the plot is far from over. This new Jordan Peele movie is set to be his most ambitious yet.

Steven Yeun

During the recent New York Film Festival, director Jordan Peele debuted his first Dolby Cinema poster for Nope, a film inspired by a character’s outfit in Nope. As we learn more about the movie, Yeun is playing a cowboy-like character named Ricky “Jupe” Park. In the film, he promises to give the residents of a lonely gulch an “absolute spectacle” – which might involve aliens!

Daniel Kaluuya

When is the release date of Daniel Kaluuya’s Noppe movie? Currently, we have not a definitive answer, but we know that it will be sometime in the next few months. The film will be directed by Jordan Peele, who is also responsible for the critically acclaimed Get Out. The director also directed the hit movie Us, which starred Lupita Nyong’o.


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