365 Days Part 3 Release Date Revealed


The upcoming 365 Days part three will arrive on Netflix on August 19th. Filming for the sequel and third installment will take place back-to-back from May to June in 2021. Fans of the first two films will eagerly await the new installments. In the meantime, the latest trailer hints at the challenges that Laura and Massimo will face in the third movie. Nacho will still be after Laura, and Laura will be dealing with a lot of changes in her life.

The 365 Days trilogy was originally a set of erotic thriller novels written by noted Polish writer Blanka Lipinska. In addition to the trilogy, Netflix acquired the rights to the original 365 Days film. The second film will be made as a Netflix Original. It is expected to shoot back-to-back with the same writers, directors, and producers. Ultimately, the 365 Days movie series is expected to continue on with the third installment.

The upcoming film is expected to follow a similar plot to the first two installments. The plot of the first movie was pretty unimpressive. Laura is pregnant and Massimo has a history of alcohol addiction. They also kidnapped Laura twice. The sequel will be released on August 19 on Netflix. If you missed the first movie, it’s probably worth the wait. And if you loved it, you’ll be glad you did.

In addition to a sequel, 365 Days part three will be filmed back-to-back. Netflix has confirmed that 365 Days part 3 will be produced back-to-back with the second film. The sequel will be called The Next 365 Days. The sequel will also include the same creative team that created the first two films. So, while we are waiting for the new installments, it’s important to remember that the original trilogy will continue.

Despite the trilogy’s huge runtime, the storyline is still intriguing. While Laura Lipinska’s relationship with Massimo has been left in limbo, it remains unclear whether Laura will return in a more significant capacity in the third installment. While it is possible that the creative team will decide to change the storyline, it’s still unclear when the third installment will hit theaters. The next 365 Days part 3 release date will be revealed at a later date.

The 365 Days movie captured the attention of Netflix audiences around the world two years ago. A sequel will be coming soon! The Next 365 Days is based on Blanka Lipinska’s trilogy of best-selling novels. The first part premiered on Netflix on June 7, 2020, and it broke several records. The second part of the trilogy came out on April 27, 2022, and was not nearly as well received as the first.


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